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‘Valley Of The Shadow’ Reports From A Convening Of Springs In The CA Republic

Posted on | March 19, 2011 | 3 Comments

by Smitty

Stacy was disgruntled, I gather, that the Koch brothers didn’t decide to send him to California Republican Spring Convention. But we do have the Valley of the Shadow on scene, providing an effort worthy of your attention, albeit slightly less gonzo.
The economic train wreck that is California promises to be important and riveting viewing.

  • Will the CA GOP decide that the re-election of Jerry Brown was tantamount to electing Jack Kevorkian?
  • Will California Republicans recover from Fiorina and Whitman?
  • Will Little Miss Attila grow disgusted with it all and commence to regulating?

Interesting times.
Also attending the gathering: The ‘Stache. The man behind the facial follicles is neither pleased with the current US policy on Libya, no ruling out a run for the Republican Presidential nomination:

. . .John Bolton continued to criticize Pres. Barack Obama’s handling of the explosive situation in Libya, as well as creating some fireworks of his own by throwing the door wide-open to speculation about a possible run for the White House in 2012.

When asked directly about a bid for the presidency, the Bush-era diplomat and foreign policy expert said that though he does not have a timeline for making a decisions, he “is considering” it. Bolton laid out his reasons for believing that a late entry into the contest–one that he characterized as having no clear leader at this early stage–did not disadvantage any chances to snag the Republican nomination.

It remains to be seen whether American disdain for a foreign policy seemingly crafted in the Land of ‘Punt’ would draw more attention to The ‘Stache’s vigorous approach, when Americans typically vote their wallets. In other words, can Bolton make a convincing domestic policy case alongside his overseas chops?
Hopefully VotS can score an interview.


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