The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Containergeddon’: California Emissions Law Caused the Supply Chain Crisis

What’s causing the supply-chain crisis? One word: California. Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has a long article explaining this: California passed an emissions law that required trucks to meet standards that the majority of trucks in America can’t meet. Basically, about half the truckers in America are banned from operating in California. Because California ports — […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous

Say hello to Alexandra Souverneva, a 30-year-old California woman whom the Monterey Herald describes as a “scientist,” because she has a bachelor’s degree from California Institute of Technology and later enrolled in a Ph.D. program. However, Souverneva describes herself as a “shaman,” which is relevant to the criminal charges against her: A California “shaman” charged […]

‘Mostly Peaceful’ Stabbing: Antifa Attacks Demonstration Against Vaccine Mandate

The news media playing their “both sides” game: One man was stabbed Saturday during dueling demonstrations in downtown Los Angeles over the contentious issue of mandatory vaccinations against the coronavirus, according to Los Angeles police. At least 500 demonstrators protesting against mandatory vaccinations and counterprotesters had gathered at the south lawn of Los Angeles City […]

Liberalism as Organized Ignorance

Because I watch a lot of police videos, the YouTube algorithm is always recommending more, the same way it’s always recommending more “how to play” guitar videos for classic rock songs. So in between watching breakdowns of guitar riffs (e.g., “Spirit in the Sky”) Saturday night, I watched a June press conference where police in […]

Another Aspiring Rapper Update

Say hello to Zerail Dijon Rivera, a/k/a “Indian Red Boy.” You can also say good-bye to him while you’re at it, because the screenshot above depicts the moment when Indian Red Boy, who was doing an Instagram Live chat with a fellow rapper, looked up to see the gunman who killed him: A young Los […]

Good-Bye, California

If you listen to The Other Podcast (every Saturday night at 7 p.m. ET), you have come to know and love the voice and laughter of the lovely Dianna Deeley. She’s a native Californian who worked for years in San Francisco, but now lives in Valdosta, Georgia. My other podcast partner, John Hoge, is a […]

Catch-and-Release: How Liberals Destroyed Law and Order in California

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Gibson, 31, was killed last month in a shootout with Robert Calderon, 46, a lifelong criminal: He had a combined nine felony and misdemeanor cases out of Sacramento County dating to 1993, Superior Court records show. The cases generally involve drugs and stolen vehicles. His most recent local case, a […]

Catch-and-Release: Career Criminal Arrested in Deadly San Francisco Crash

Jerry Lyons, 31, had spent his entire adult life committing crimes. He had dozens of arrests in California — attempted robbery, burglary, evading police, driving a stolen vehicle, weapons charges, drug charges, shoplifting, trespassing, etc. — but kept getting turned loose until Thursday, when he finally killed somebody. Sheria Musyoka, 26, was an immigrant from […]

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