The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Saying ‘Thank You’ to David Atkins

  Everybody had a good point-and-laugh at David Atkins’s expense, without wondering: Why would a California Democrat be so filled with loathing of “rural white evangelicals”? Was he bullied by militant Baptists as a child? Has he ever actually met any of the rural white people he says are thoroughly despised by “the vast majority […]

‘All the Leaves Are Brown …’

  One thing I’ve tried to do with my kids is what I call “cultural education.” Like, there’s no reason children should grow up without an awareness of rock-and-roll classics, and I’ve had many rewarding experiences like the time I heard my youngest son, born in 2000, in the shower singing along to his Spotify […]

She Took the ‘Cool Mom’ Thing Too Far

  So cool, she’s going to prison: A Tulare woman who plead guilty to multiple sex-related charges involving two teenage boys was ready to accept her sentence Monday, but a Tulare County judge put a stop to it. Now, instead of serving a possible year in county jail, Coral Lytle, 41, could be sent to […]

‘Fattie Goes Oink’: California Professor Performs at Academic Conference

  Angelina Moles (@fiercefatfemme on Instagram) is a tenure-track Professor of Communication Studies at Merced College in California and a self-described “Queer Performance Artist.” To quote a Facebook post about an event in Idaho last year featuring Ms. Moles: Angelina’s work focuses on humanizing the Fat experience while honoring it’s unique monstrosity. She currently teaches […]

UCLA and the ‘Diversity’ Cult

Mike LaChance at Legal Insurrection observes: “Diversity is higher education’s unofficial new religion and those who don’t demonstrate enough faith will be punished.” The University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) recently “began requiring all prospective faculty hires to fill out an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement, which involves applicants mentioning their past, present and future contributions […]

Happy (High) Holidays

Or perhaps Merry(juana) Christmas: OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) — 73-year-old Judy gave the gift of pot to herself, unafraid to vape and smoke inside the lounge at the Magnolia dispensary in Oakland. She said she has been smoking marijuana since the 1960s, and thought the perfect way to relax on Christmas Eve was to buy some […]

#Borderline Massacre: 12 Killed, Gunman Dead at Country Music Bar in California

  At least 11 people were shot and there were “multiple fatalities” when a gunman opened fire at the Borderline, a country music bar in Thousand Oaks, California. The shooting took place during a “college night” event at the bar. Some witnesses have claimed the gunman was a Middle Eastern man who threw smoke bombs […]

The Party of Hate (Continued)

Just yesterday, I discussed how the slap-on-the-wrist sentence for violent “antifa” attacks on Trump supporters in California signified the Democrat Party’s endorsement of hate. Now there’s further evidence: Progressive protesters lined up along a fence on Tuesday to protest Rep. Jeff Denham (R., Calif.) as he exited a vehicle, prompting one female protester to denigrate […]

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