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Pro-Hamas Mob Targets L.A. Synagogue

Posted on | June 24, 2024 | 1 Comment

Kristallnacht 2.0 in Los Angeles:

Violent clashes broke out in the Pico-Robertson area as pro-Palestinian protesters encountered counter-protesters.
The violence broke out near the Adas Torah synagogue on Pico Boulevard Sunday morning.
Police in riot gear showed up trying to restore order.
What started as heated verbal confrontations escalated into physical fighting. Videos posted to social media showed punches being thrown, people wrestled to the ground and kicked. Some social media posts indicated it started when pro-Palestinian protesters tried to prevent people from entering the synagogue.
“Do your message, spread your message, it’s the First Amendment. But when you’re pepper-spraying little girls, it’s messed up,” said Mishah Klein, one area resident.
Several people were detained on the scene but according to LAPD no one was officially arrested. One person was cited for refusal to disperse.

Helpful background information from Joel Pollak at Breitbart:

Several dozen pro-Palestinian activists targeted an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in the heart of the Pico-Robertson on Sunday, blocking the entrance to an event promoting real estate investment in Israel.
A source on the scene told Breitbart News that the activists were blocking pedestrians on the south side of Pico Boulevard, the main street through a predominantly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in west Los Angeles.
According to the Forward, a left-wing Jewish publication, the protest targeted the synagogue in part because of an event within the Jewish community promoting Israeli real estate, whether for emigration, vacation, or investment.
There has been a worldwide surge among Jews in applications to emigrate to Israel — to make aliyah, or “ascent,” as it is described within the community — after October 7 in solidarity with Israel and in reaction to local antisemitism.
Sunday marked was the second time pro-Palestinian activists have targeted a synagogue in L.A. in the past several days. On Friday, protesters targeted another synagogue and school in the Valley Village area, for unknown reasons.

Andy Ngo reports that, after Jews started fighting back against the “activists,” suddenly these Antifa-aligned radicals (who hate cops) expected police to protect them from the Jews.

Irony doesn’t get much richer than that.


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