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Foxes, Henhouses, Crime and Oakland

Posted on | February 9, 2024 | Comments Off on Foxes, Henhouses, Crime and Oakland

The first thing you have to know about Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price is that the first time she ran for the office, she got $130,000 for her campaign from George Soros. Price lost that 2018 race to the incumbent, who chose not to seek reelection in 2022. Price ran again and won with 53% of the vote, “defeating a veteran local prosecutor and making history as the first Black person to hold the office.”

The second thing you need to know about Price is that Alameda County is one of the most left-wing places in the country. Biden got 80% of the vote there. Whites are less than a third of the county’s population, which is about 32% Asian, 23% Hispanic and 10% black. Whatever is wrong in Alameda County, you can’t blame it on white people or Republicans, who have no meaningful political influence in the county. And, even by the low standards of California, there are an awful lot of things wrong in Alameda County, which is why District Attorney Pamela Price is already facing a recall effort, and the governor had to step in:

California governor Gavin Newsom (D.) will dispatch state prosecutors to go after criminals in Oakland and the surrounding area, as local momentum builds to oust the county’s George Soros-backed prosecutor for her lenient policies.
“An arrest isn’t enough,” Newsom said in a Thursday statement announcing the deployment. “Justice demands that suspects are appropriately prosecuted.”
Oakland-area district attorney Pamela Price, who is trying to fend off a voter-backed recall after just a year in office, said she welcomed the support “in this fight against organized retail crime and the scourge of Fentanyl in our community.”
The governor’s move comes as Oakland deals with a skyrocketing crime crisis. On Tuesday, Newsom sent 120 state troopers to Oakland and the surrounding county. The crime surge is driving the recall effort against Price — who ran on an anti-incarceration platform and a pledge to “evaluate unfair prosecutions and excessive sentencing practices.” As DA, she gave a teen linked to three murders just seven years in prison and made the gang members who murdered a toddler eligible for parole. A poll from last fall showed that a majority of Oakland residents would vote to replace her as DA and that just 28 percent have a favorable view of her — while 92 percent listed reducing crime as a top priority.
According to the governor’s office, the state attorneys’ job will be “increasing the prosecutions” of criminals who have committed violence, property crimes, and “serious” drug-related felonies. Last year, Oakland saw its violent crime rate increase by 21 percent, while robberies rose 38 percent and vehicle theft spiked 44 percent.
Meanwhile, a local voter coalition called Save Alameda for Everyone is gathering signatures to recall Price. Its lead organizers are a mother whose son was shot and killed in Oakland in 2010 and the former president of the local Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. The group, which needs to collect more than 73,000 signatures by mid-March to qualify the recall for the November ballot, says Price “is failing us in her responsibility to enforce the law, prosecute criminals and keep violent offenders off our streets.”

Did you catch that? Price “ran on an anti-incarceration platform,” which is to say, she is against putting criminals in jail, and she got 53% of the vote based on that platform. What did voters in Alameda County think would happen with a Soros-funded fox guarding the local henhouse?

Basically any place where Democrats get 80% of the vote is going to be the kind of crime-ridden hellhole that most people would prefer to avoid, and did I mention that California has basically legalized theft?

Prop 47 made drug possession a misdemeanor, raised the threshold for prosecuting shoplifting, grand theft and other property crimes as a felony from $400 to $950 in value stolen, and allowed resentencing for those already serving sentences under the tougher penalties.

Limit your thefts to $949 per outing and it’s a slap on the wrist in California. If you’re stealing five days a week, that’s a weekly income of $4,745 from your (misdemeanor) criminal activity.

Between this insane “criminal justice reform” and the fact that the local prosecutor is a Soros-funded leftist who got elected on “an anti-incarceration platform,” it has become practically impossible to operate any kind of retail business in Alameda County. Denny’s and In-and-Out both closed their Oakland locations in recent weeks, citing the out-of-control crime that jeopardized the safety of restaurant employees.

Think about that. Here you have a community so dangerous that they don’t even have burger joints and diners because the city is overrun by criminals stealing everything they can get their hands on. And this is the kind of place where Joe Biden got 80% of the vote.


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