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White Criminal Gets Shot by Police

Posted on | May 12, 2024 | No Comments

Alan Metka is a California resident and a convicted felon:

A terrifying moment was captured on police body camera when an armed man with a criminal history caught a female Fontana officer in a headlock.
The officer’s partner shot the suspect and they were able to take him into custody. He survived and is awaiting trial.
The incident happened Feb. 9 in Yucaipa. Fontana officers were involved in a gang operation with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department when they pulled the man over for traffic violations.
The encounter started with a friendly tone, as the female officer spoke to the man and her partner went to the vehicle to run his information.
Suddenly he hears his partner yell for help and sees the suspect wrestling her with his arm around her neck.
As her body-worn camera later revealed, the change in his demeanor happened as she discovered the man was hiding a gun.
“He’s got a gun,” she shouts as the struggle starts.
The officer ran to help his partner and shot the suspect one time. The video shows him on the ground in pain. He was cuffed and taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injury.
Officials later identified the suspect as Alan A. Metka, 56, of Fontana.
He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.
The department says Metka has an extensive criminal history, which includes arrests for assault, carjacking, robbery, possession of an explosive device and illegal firearms possession.

The reason I’m calling attention to this incident is because, if you get your information from the national media, you might believe that only black people ever get shot by cops. Or run over by cops, as in the Michigan case of Samuel Sterling. There is a sort of media script, when it comes to cops killing black suspects — the “family demands answers” stories, made-for-TV press conferences by the “civil rights” attorney, the protest crowd at the courthouse, etc. This script reflects an apparently widespread belief among journalists that systemic injustice must be involved in such incidents. No matter how extensive the suspect’s prior criminal history, or what it was that led up to the suspect getting killed by cops, most journalists display a childlike naivete: “But he was black and the cops shot him.” To which reasonable people might reply, “So what?”

There are tens of millions of black people in this country who have never been shot by a cop, for the simple reason that they’ve never done the sort of things that lead up to such incidents. Yet many in the media seem to believe that law enforcement is a genocidal conspiracy against black people, and their coverage reflects that belief, despite all contradictory evidence, e.g., the shooting of a white guy like Alan Metka. In many ways, his shooting was quite typical — convicted felon in possession of a firearm gets pulled over for a traffic violation, and the “routine traffic stop” escalates after cops ask him to step out of the car. Next thing the cops know, they’re in a fight for their lives, and the suspect gets shot.


Ben Crump is not holding press conferences about this shooting, for some reason. Nobody is smashing windows or looting CVS in protest of any alleged violation of Alan Metka’s “rights.” He’s a white guy, and nobody cares — nor should they, I hasten to add. Criminals getting shot by cops is a statistical rarity, and only a comparative handful of such shootings involve any questions about the lawfulness of the officers’ actions.

Several years ago, the Washington Post started a database of all fatal police shootings in the United States, which tells us that as of today, there have been 1,133 such shootings in the past 12 months. This may seem like a large number, but in a nation with a population over 330 million, it’s the proverbial drop in a bucket. However, if only 1% of those fatal shootings were questionable or unjustified, that’s 11 protest opportunities annually. What that means is that 99% of police shootings could be entirely legitimate, yet if half of the dubious cases involved black suspects, the media would still get a half-dozen or so chances every year to depict cops as racist killers gunning down innocent black people.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO — seize upon the handful of such cases, which looked at in isolation may indeed be grievously wrong, but which are in no way typical of law enforcement in general. And given what we know, that in an average month, 94 suspects are killed by police gunfire, that means there will be about 500 such shootings between now and Election Day. Almost certainly among these shootings will be three or four cases where an unarmed black man is shot to death by police in circumstances where the shooting seems unjustified. The national media will seize upon the most egregious of these cases, and we’ll have more “mostly peaceful protests,” the real purpose of which is political, i.e., to “energize the base” for Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

Be prepared for another “long, hot summer.”


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