The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

A Deadly Hate Crime That Liberals Probably Can’t Blame on Tucker Carlson

Say hello to David Wenwei Chou, 68, a resident of Las Vegas, who drove to Orange County, California, with a plan to murder Taiwanese people: “We believe, based on what we’ve discovered so far, that he specifically targeted the Taiwanese community, and this is one representation of that Taiwanese community,” said Orange County Sheriff Don […]

Personally I Blame Ruy Teixeira

Hang on a minute, and I’ll explain why Ruy Teixeira of the Center for American Progress is the real inspiration for the mass shooting in Buffalo. First, however, the usual suspects have been busy: Rolling Stone is facing severe backlash on social media after publishing a commentary article suggesting the 18-year-old suspect in the Buffalo […]

‘A Pretty Face Can Hide an Evil Mind’

Say hello to 25-year old Courtney Clenney, aka “Courtney Tailor,” who reportedly has more than a million followers on her OnlyFans account. “Gosh, Stacy,” the reader asks, “what was she putting on her OnlyFans account that made her so popular?” Uh, adult entertainment, he said euphemistically, summarizing the results of his cursory investigation. Last we […]

Brooklyn Shooting: Suspect in Custody

Right after I posted Wednesday about the Brooklyn subway shooting suspect (“Racial Paranoia in Post-Obama America”), Frank James was captured by NYPD in Lower Manhattan. The smirking madman who turned a rush-hour commute into a bloody terror when he allegedly opened fire in a crowded New York subway car called Crime Stoppers on himself Wednesday […]

Racial Paranoia in Post-Obama America

As everyone knows by now, Frank R. James is the suspect in Tuesday’s mass shooting in a Brooklyn subway station. Remarkably, even the liberal media are covering this story — Andrea Mitchell led the top of the noon hour on MSNBC with a report on the manhunt for the suspected gunman. J.J. Sefton at AOSHQ […]

Can You Say ‘Hate Hoax,’ Boys and Girls?

Nothing suspicious about this at all: One by one, student leaders representing several historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across the country described to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on Thursday their anguish over the recent racially charged threats their educational institutions had faced, while emphasizing their resolve to move forward. . . […]

Probably Not a Trump Supporter

Say hello to 42-year-old Tammel Esco, who is accused of a hate crime in New York, and my hunch is, he’s not the MAGA type: A New York woman was punched more than 125 times in the head and face and stomped on seven times by a man who had allegedly called her an “Asian […]

The Arithmetic of ‘Equality’

John Sexton reports on a failed educational experiment: Last summer the Washington Post published a report about California’s consideration of a plan to do away with tracking in the state’s math classes. As the report was quick to point out, the argument for de-tracking was one connected to race and to a desire to reduce the achievement gap. […]

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