The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Democrats Are Brainwashing Children

Students in public schools are not longer educated, they’re indoctrinated to become radical “social justice” activists. George Leef explains what has replaced actual education in California: Across the Golden State, many schools have adopted an “ethnic studies” curriculum, the point of which is to indict capitalism, “whiteness,” and western civilization as forms of power, privilege, […]

‘The Most Vulnerable Among Us’

  Ed Driscoll calls our attention to this Daily Caller item: Writers bashed former President Barack Obama after he criticized “woke” social justice warriors during a speech Tuesday. Obama spoke at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago and hit back at alleged activists who attack other people on the internet because of their “flaws,” according to the […]

Self-Destructive Illusions of ‘Social Justice’

Christine Douglass-Williams reports at Jihad Watch: A stunning finding about American Jews polled in the U.S. on the threat of antisemitism: more Jews believe that the “extreme political right” poses a bigger threat than Islamic “extremism,” according to an American Jewish Committee (AJC) poll: Almost 90 percent of Jews who responded said that the extreme […]

‘You’re White, You Know’

One of my former co-defendant John Hoge‘s favorite stories about our lengthy legal entanglement with Brett Kimberlin is a moment in the 2014 Maryland trial when I was on the witness stand being questioned by Kimberlin, who was acting as his own attorney, pro se. Kimberlin kept trying to bring up my alleged “racism,” a […]

Things Go Badly After Ivy League Author Lectures About ‘White Privilege’

  More than 25% of students at Georgia Southern University are black, which is roughly twice the black enrollment at most Ivy League schools, but it’s not because of Georgia Southern’s “diversity” program. Rather, it’s because the school in Statesboro, Georgia, is not “elite.” Like most second-tier state universities in the South (including my alma […]

Crime: The Facts Are Racist

Murder suspect Randy Rodriguez Santos was arraigned Sunday. Reporting about crime is one of the most basic forms of journalism. When I was starting out in the journalism business more than 30 years ago, every daily newspaper had one reporter assigned to the “cops and courts” beat, covering arrests and trials, and the mentality of […]

Racist Attack on Child Makes National News, Turns Out to Be a Hoax

  Gosh, I wonder why this story was considered so newsworthy? An alleged anti-black hate incident at a Washington, D.C.-area middle school that media outlets tried to link to Vice President Mike Pence’s wife was a hoax, the school said Monday. Amari Allen, 12, accused three white classmates earlier in September of pinning her down […]

No, the KKK Hasn’t Taken Over Arkansas (and Never Trust the SPLC Anyway)

Picturesque downtown Harrison, Arkansas. Harrison, Arkansas, is a prosperous little town in Boone County, adjacent to the Missouri border and just 30 miles from the resort of Branson. Located in the scenic Ozarks, Harrison wants to be known as the “Best Small Town in America.” Unfortunately, they have a public-relations problem involving a Klan kook, […]

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