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Looting Nordstrom and Other Recent News From Zimbabwe, U.S.A.

Posted on | August 16, 2023 | Comments Off on Looting Nordstrom and Other Recent News From Zimbabwe, U.S.A.

Another weekend in the decline and fall of Western civilization:

Shocking video captured a mob-style smash-and-grab robbery at a mall in Topanga and police are now searching for up to 30 suspects involved.
Police said it happened around 4:15 p.m. Saturday at the Nordstrom store inside Westfield Topanga Mall.
Video shared by an Instagram user shows the large group of suspects smashing display cases, grabbing merchandise and running out the door.
Police said a security guard at the store was sprayed with either Mace pepper spray or bear spray. Between 20 to 30 suspects were involved and all fled the scene in several vehicles, including a BMW, a Lexus and a Honda, police said.
“I really didn’t understand at first what was going on and then I recognized what was really happening when all the security … everybody was going to the one area,” said a witness.
Investigators said the group stole between $60,000 and $100,000 worth of merchandise.
“We were sitting having coffee and all of a sudden, we saw so many people running out of the store,” said another witness. “We were not in the store. We were at the entry of the store … so many people coming out.”
Meanwhile, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass issued the following statement Saturday evening:

“What happened today at the Nordstrom in the Topanga Mall is absolutely unacceptable. Those who committed these acts and acts like it in neighboring areas must be held accountable. The Los Angeles Police Department will continue to work to not only find those responsible for this incident but to prevent these attacks on retailers from happening in the future.”

“Absolutely unacceptable,” says the mayor who was elected by these same criminals. That’s just it — California has become the world’s first mass kleptocracy. All the honest people have left the state, and the criminals have taken over. Everybody is stealing everything:

Proposition 47 . . . reduced penalties on property thefts less than $950 from a felony to a misdemeanor. This means no prison time. Charges for grand larceny (a felony) now require thefts of more than $950 – more than double the previous threshold of $400.
Now, not only will a thief steal more without facing a felony charge, they may steal again, and again, and again, without serious consequences. Each theft is counted as a single incident. The law allows for serial thefts. Thieves can repeat their criminal behavior as long as they don’t steal more than $950 in each larceny.

Proposition 47 passed with 60% of the vote in 2014, and opponents of the measure clearly warned that this would happen, so it’s not as if the people of California are victims — they inflicted this disaster on themselves.

More than a decade ago, I began comparing California to the kleptocratic regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe:

The thievish, parasitical mentality of liberals, who view taxpayers only a source of plunder, eventually runs head-on into economic reality. Capital is portable, and predatory governments will eventually cause disinvestment, as investors seek opportunities elsewhere. As investment flees, private-sector employment stagnates and declines, and smart young people leave to find someplace where they have a chance to get ahead.

Once this trend reaches a tipping point — and Jerry Brown’s return to the governorship in 2011 seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back in California — the collapse accelerates. Decent people refuse to live in such conditions, and now that California has chased away every decent person who formerly resided there — my friend Dianna Deeley left the San Francisco Bay area and moved to Valdosta, Georgia — they are living with the nightmarish consequences. And they still don’t get it.

When a woman in San Francisco took to TikTok to share her shock at having someone spit in her face when she went to the grocery store, the Twitter account Comfortably Smug pointed out that just a couple of years earlier, this same woman had urged her fellow liberals to “vote as if you were the most marginalized, oppressed person you know.”

Yeah, how’s that working out for you, sweetheart?



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