The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘All Is Proceeding as I Have Foreseen’

So says Vodkapundit, observing that “RCP moved MI and PA into the tossups this morning,” which I hadn’t noticed, but it’s one of the necessary preconditions for a full-blown liberal freakout. Disaster is now coming at Democrats from multiple unexpected directions. Yesterday, Bob Belvedere observed that “James O’Keefe and his Mission: Impossible crew have done it […]

Hoping To Fake Change Successfully

By Smitty VodkaPundit points to The Weekly Standard, where there is a teaser about an interview with #OccupyResoluteDesk fortuitously airing on Friday the 13th (emphasis mine): CBS News’s Charlie Rose has an interview with Barack and Michelle Obama airing tomorrow, and in an advance excerpt, the president says his biggest mistake was focusing too much […]

$1 Million Free Association Post

by Smitty This great graphic from the Vodka Pundit: Recalls the ’80s clip:This recalls the lyric “Dressed up like a million dollar trooper”. Has #OccupyResoluteDesk requested his SuperPAC return the cool million to that uncool bucket of misogyny, Bill Maher?

Stephen Green’s Hair Of The Dog

by Smitty George Will owns it at the outset, but the closing Lincoln bit was a nice touch:

This Would Only Matter If It Was, Say, A Ron Paul Campaign Office

by Smitty I, for one, rejoice at the vast strides Barack Obama has made in reducing the number of bogus attacks on campaign offices for insufficient diversity: Original photo. If a GOP contender published that, the media would be on it like libelous edits on NBC. It’s just one more way BHO is winning the […]

A Political Platform That Sizzles

by Smitty And a little Dare of the Hog: Interesting that Green feels about as underwhelmed with Santorum as this blog does with Romney; however, the editorial work done to make Senator John McCain interesting more than made up for the Rick bit. Vote VodkaPundit: Four pounds of bacon on the griddle, and a fifth […]

A Fine Week In Blogs

by Smitty Stephen Green does what he does so well: I hope the overall silliness will hits its crescendo in November, and we can opt for something more rational down the road. Optimistic, I know.

UPDATE: This Post Was A Mis-Read
@VodkaPundit Insults Virginia

by Smitty UPDATE: Upon a closer reading, I see that Green really only pointed to VA going to Obama in the update, in a wild contingency meant to show what BHO would have to do to have a glimmer of a chance. Accusation retracted, switching to decaf. In Wargaming the Electoral College, Stephen Green has […]

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