The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

At Least He Didn’t Call Sheen, Green

by Smitty The hyper-critical Vodka Pundit takes Silvio to task for calling on George Clooney as a character witness. Burlesconi is older than two and a half men, in some countries, and he’s far less ugly than his neighbor to the south. Get yourself some cold Stoly and go easy on the man, Stephen.

No, I’m Not Liveblogging It

I’m tired. I’ve driven a crapload of miles to Nashville and halfway back. I’m in a motel near Harriman, Tenn., and in no mood to liveblog the State of the Union address. Vodkapundit is drunkblogging it. Enjoy, if you can.

Interesting, But No, VodkaPundit

by Smitty Allowing the Federal government to control education remains wrongheaded. The Smith Plan, which applies to both education and home ownership, is to add 49 more State banks, and let the several States figure it out. You can boot the DOE, Fannie & Freddie to boot. Federalism: the Left can call it extremism all […]

Valley Of The Shadow Dives On The ’60 Minutes’ Grenade So You Don’t Have To

by Smitty VotS is offering a critical service to the dextrosphere, sifting through a truly odious show and fisking it for your safety. Don’t try this at home. Call it Dare of the Hog, to go with VodkaPundit’s Hair of the Dog. Have a go at the last couple of weeks: 03 Oct 10 Oct, […]

Steny Hoyer Drives VodkaPundit To Do What A VodkaPundit Does

by Smitty Hair of the Dog, always a fine clip, went a bit farther than usual this time. Stephen Green cursed Axelrod’s moustache, mocked Boehner’s sudden loss of vertebrae on earmarks, and had to correct his blood/alcohol ratio for Steny. Click image to enjoy: Update: Save Stephen’s liver! CHARLES LOLLAR for U.S. CONGRESS UPDATE (RSM): […]

Valley Of The Shadow Fisks ’60 Minutes’ For You

by Smitty It takes a hardcore blogger, with iron will and 18 miles of guts to stomach 60 Minutes, but that’s just what Valley of the Shadow did. Pamela herself responded to the GZM segment here. The lady deserves a medal. Stand by, VodkaPundit; the “watching the shows that most Americans won’t for health reasons” […]

A Post That Is Not About Net Neutrality

At BlogCon Friday, we went to the Newseum in D.C. for a panel discussion that was supposed to be about politics. During the Q&A period, however, it got hijacked into a discussion of The World’s Most Boring Policy Issue. After ten minutes of this narcolepsy-inducing blather, I gestured frantically at Tabitha Hale and got the […]

Unlike Stacy, Smitty Needs His Beauty Sleep

by Smitty Thanks, Tabitha! Tom blogs at VA Right, and Tabitha is mostly too busy for such. Last night’s reception at the Crystal City Sheraton answered the question: if bloggers were Trekkies, would Scott Ott be Spock, Stephen Green be McCoy, and Bill Whittle be Kirk? No: nobody was weird enough to ask that question. […]

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