The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Next Up, Olbermann Will Accuse The Sun Of Being Raaaaacist

by Smitty Twitchy helps get at the difference between amusing and funny: Hey, Dog-whistle RT @mmfa Fox hosts Chuck Norris to discuss his warning of “1,000 years of darkness” if Obama is re… — Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) September 7, 2012 Keith Olbermann is like a self portrait of an artist depicting himself as a […]

‘A Portrait of a Dysfunctional Alliance That Was Doomed From the Start’

Thus does Howard Kurtz describe the e-mails between Current TV and its recently fired superstar, Keith Olbermann: The arguments escalated for months, with Olbermann directly appealing to the former vice president on three or four occasions, until relations had become so poisoned that, on Friday, Current fired Olbermann for breach of contract. He has vowed […]

Olbermann’s Career: The First Time as Tragedy, the Second Time as Farce

Huffy self-righteous liberalism is not a rare commodity, and the supply greatly exceeds the demand, so Keith Olbermann’s belief that he had cornered the market on progressive bombast was bound to lead him to a sorry end sooner or later: For nearly a year now, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt have been building their liberal cable news […]

‘She Quoted a Witness With the Improbable Name of Sarah Rumpf’

Sunshine State Sarah finds herself quoted by Dana Loesch — and cited by Keith Olbermann in naming Dana “Worst Person in the World”: Notice how Olbermann first mocks Loesch’s name before mocking Rumpf’s name. The mocking of people’s names is a cheap sort of humor (says the guy whose blog is improbably called “The Other […]

‘Bombast is Olbermann’s Métier’

Just a striking phrase ripped from a New York Times feature about The Bombastic One’s eagerly awaited (by him) return to TV, on Al Gore’s Current network, which isn’t available on my cable system and probably isn’t available on yours. Basically, the story is about how Keith Olbermann likes being on TV all the time, […]

‘The Return to TV of One of America’s Most Gifted Thinkers and Communicators’

Which is to say, a new cable show for Keith Olbermann: Keith Olbermann’s new show on Al Gore’s Current TV will have the same name as his old one on MSNBC — Countdown With Keith Olbermann. It will also air in Olbermann’s old 8 PM slot beginning June 20, 2011. Olbermann abruptly left MSNBC in […]