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‘Bombast is Olbermann’s Métier’

Posted on | June 16, 2011 | 7 Comments

Just a striking phrase ripped from a New York Times feature about The Bombastic One’s eagerly awaited (by him) return to TV, on Al Gore’s Current network, which isn’t available on my cable system and probably isn’t available on yours.

Basically, the story is about how Keith Olbermann likes being on TV all the time, so that when he’s not on TV, an existential crisis ensues.

Being someone whose métier is the written word, I am mystified by whatever mad compulsion — I need to be in front of a camera every day! — drives Olbermann into such an obscure venue as Current.

He’s been fired from every other network he’s ever worked for and, assuming this trend continues, I suspect one day we’ll see him hawking cubic zirconia jewelry on HSN.


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