The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Coffee Party: It’s About Hate

Newsweek does a feature story about Annabelle Park, who started the liberal answer to the Tea Party movement and discovered an unfortunate truth: They were angry. They hated the Tea Party, and the Republican Party. They wanted to get even. One audience member said America was under the thumb of oligarchs and denounced “moneyed interests.” […]

If the Tea Party Had Started With 40 People at Panera in West Palm Beach . . .

. . . I’m pretty sure we never would have heard the end of the media guffawing. And I’m damn sure the Palm Beach Post never could have been bothered to notice. The Post is owned by degenerate heirs of the Cox family, who have notoriously plundered and ruined the Atlanta papers. Those treacherous elitist bastards did all they could […]

Can Dylan Ratigan Join The Coffee Party, Please?

by Smitty It’s fairly viral now that Dylan Ratigan is a ass, a jackass, and a king among jackasses. Greg Gutfeld on Red Eye organizes Ratigan in a delightful manner: “I guess it sucks doing Rachel Maddow’s laundry.” Gateway Pundit was on local TV in a clip concerning the Coffee Party. An independent, homeschooling activist […]