The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Meet the Women Who Ruined Twitter

  Twitter rolled out a site redesign this week and it sucks — a giant leap backward, to a clunky and inefficient user interface. Who did this? It was a crew of social-justice quota hires: IN JANUARY . . . following Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s return from a 10-day silent meditation trip to Myanmar, about […]

‘Little to Lose for Malicious Actors’

“Our ability to cope with deception in the Internet is poor at best. We cannot readily attribute memes to people, because in the Internet, identities are pseudonyms for influence actors we may never have met. Individuals may have multiple identities and spread memes for their own purposes ignoring any need for truth. The problem lies […]

Douchebag Lawyer Defends Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks as ‘Free Speech’

At what point do those in the legal community who defend criminals — guaranteeing them their due-process rights, giving them “their day in court” — cross a line into advocating, endorsing or excusing the crimes committed by their clients? Not a moot question, given how Jay Leiderman speaks of the actions of the “Anonymous” hackers he […]

Friday Open Thread

— by Wombat-socho Stacy being bedeviled by the site’s annual DNS renewal, and Smitty being somewhere betwixt der Oder und der Rhein, it’s left to me to keep Friday from being a joyless, postless day. God help you all. I got nuthin’ but this awesome banner.* Talk amongst yourselves. *(h/t Moe Lane)

Finally A Solution For Stacy’s Ongoing War With Technology

— by Wombat-socho Loyal readers of this blog will be familiar with our Fearless Leader’s struggle with the March of Progress, especially his difficulties with computers and their associated software. While killing zombies on Facebook this morning, I came across something that may finally unleash the full destructive powers of America’s Last Conservative Gonzo Journalist: […]

Sometimes The Gadgets Pay Off

by Smitty For whatever reason, the shift to a different host isn’t playing well with the blog. The details are messy, but a browser request going from to a readable blog post involves an awful lot of fragile steps. And that’s when everything works correctly. When you get shenanigans like what OWS Exposed is […]

SA = 1 / SIB

Situational Awareness is the inverse of Self-Induced ‘Baloney’…

Your Printer Is a Narc

Well, maybe not your printer, but my printer is clearly spying on me. Over dinner today, my 20-year-old daughter had a suggestion that inspired me to design a thank-you note to send to our tip-jar hitters. When I went to do a test printing, however, the machine printed only half the card. Hmmm. Try again, same […]