The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Busy Day on the Kook Beat

When you specialize in writing about criminals, perverts, weirdos and kooks, sometimes it’s hard to keep them all sorted out. My Twitter timeline and e-mail inbox fill up with tips, from all over. Here’s the World’s Most Famous Sex Offender Kaitlyn Hunt talking about the nude photos and masturbation video she sent her underage victim: […]

Dueling Meltdowns: Bill Schmalfeldt and #FreeKate’s Disgusting Supporters

Today, two different Bill Schmalfeldt accounts got banned from Twitter — he still doesn’t understand why being a “Team Kimberlin” member is a losing proposition — and while that was happening, there was news on the Kaitlyn Hunt story. First, Matt Philbin of the Culture and Media Institute examined ABC’s 20/20 segment: [Matt] Gutman’s report […]

When ‘Balanced’ Journalism Is Bad

As what point does journalistic objectivity shade into the “who are we to judge” posture of moral relativism? Do journalists have an obligation to call evil by its right name? These questions crossed my mind as I watched an ABC  Good Morning America segment about Kaitlyn Hunt, who copped a plea Thursday on felony charges […]

Kaitlyn Hunt’s Father Threatens Violence: ‘F–king Beat Him Till He Can’t Function’

Steven R. Hunt Jr., whose 19-year-old daughter pleaded “no contest” to felony sex crimes today in Florida, erupted in an angry obscenity-strewn screed on Facebook, threatening violence against a person he called “f–king scum” but did not name: “Now whoever likes to associate with all these low live f–ks make sure you pass that f–king […]

Thug Family Values: Kaitlyn Hunt Plea Deal Prompts Bitter Rant by Her Father

Kaitlyn Hunt’s family was featured on the Today show, May 23 The headline at Viral Read: Kaitlyn Hunt Takes Plea Deal in Florida Teen Sex Crime Case Having sex with a 14-year-old is a crime in Florida, and the criminal sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt pleaded “no contest” today in Vero Beach, accepting the deal offered […]

Kaitlyn Hunt’s Mother on Plea Deal: ‘It’s Not Right, It’s Not Fair and It’s Not Just’

We scarcely need wonder where the criminal pervert gets her lawless irresponsible attitude, eh? Kelley Hunt Smith on Facebook: Tomorrow at 11am Kate will accept the State’s plea offer that was given this week. It’s been a long, painful 8 months but after much prayer and counsel Kate has decided to take the plea offer. […]

Accused Sex Offender Kaitlyn Hunt ‘Expected to Accept’ Plea Deal: CNN

Last night I reported the latest offer from prosecutors, but now CNN adds this important detail in the Kaitlyn Hunt saga: Hunt’s attorney was involved in crafting the deal, Workman said, and Hunt is expected to accept the plea agreement. She had refused at least two other deals. “I believe this is a fair and […]

Kaitlyn Hunt Gets Another Plea Offer

The state’s attorney’s office in Vero Beach, Florida, has offered another plea-bargain deal to accused sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt: Special conditions in the plea include: *Hunt remains jailed until December 20, and on that date, probation will convert to community control. *She shall have no contact directly or indirectly, including electronically or through third parties, […]

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