The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Zimbabwe’ Ben Bernanke, AC/DC Fan?

by Smitty Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge: From the lows in March 2009, 1150 S&P points have been ‘created-or-saved’ thanks to central bank largesse. That is a cost of $2 million for every S&P 500 point since the Fed started to expands its balance sheet by $2.3 trillion. Money-well-spent, we are sure you’ll agree. I […]

Paul And McCotter Grill Bernanke On Inflation, Which Is Unexpectedly Higher Than Bernanke Will Admit

by Smitty It is blatantly obvious to the most casual observer that Ron Paul’s insistence on honest, tangible cash removes him from consideration for President as much as his foreign policy. Paul is trying to make a serious legal tender argument, and Bernanke glibly deflects the question: The wild, irrationally exuberant Thaddeus McCotter ejaculates almost […]

Economist Dean Baker Defends Central Banking, If Not The Federal Reserve

by Smitty Thie is Dean Baker on 03 February at Empire Unplugged. From Wikipedia: Dean Baker (b. July 13, 1958) is an American macroeconomist and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, with Mark Weisbrot. He previously was a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute and an assistant professor of economics at […]

Meanwhile, Down At The Intersection Of Orwell And Kabuki. . .

by Smitty Last night I went to a new ‘salon’ (I think it may be a snooty bar or something) called Empire Unplugged, for their inaugural talking head fest on the Federal Reserve. The video is kind of lousy, and still pulling in to Final Cut Pro X for what I hope will be a […]

I’m 9.5 On Julie Borowski’s 10 Reasons To End The Fed

by Smitty I don’t fully agree with #8, “The Federal Reserve is Unconstitutional”. The Federal Reserve Act followed the usual course of legislation, and was signed into law by Woodrow “Effing” Wilson. In my opinion, the Federal Reserve urinates all over the spirit of the Constitution, for reasons Julie well and truly elaborates. However, just […]

‘BumBumBum’ Drumbeat: End The Fed

by Smitty Freedom Works has a great piece on what is among the most crucial issues of our day: Ending the Fed. Couple of quick points, emphasis mine, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is desperate to protect his privileged secrecy. Bloomberg writes that he “argued that revealing borrower details would create a stigma — investors and […]

What Other Alternatives Exist For Getting Off Of Fiat Money?

by Smitty Ron Paul on money sounds so lucid: You know your current course is financially suicidal. Those who say otherwise are the ones who are culpable for the current mess. So, if not Ron Paul’s ideas, and not the status quo, then what? via Tyler Durden

Next Month: Bernanke Forms Monetary Insolvency Life-support Fund (MILF).
Ron Paul’s Jaw Injured By Floor Impact

by Smitty The actual title of the notional organization, mentioned at The Enterprise Blog is Global Liquidity Facility (GLF). And with the European Central Bank about to reprise the role of the Fed in the 1930s, economic analyst Ed Yardeni thinks Bernanke may well ride to the rescue of the eurozone and the global economy: […]

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