The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Remember the Crying Girl?

JOHNSTON, Iowa Last night I called my wife and told her I loved her, after listening to Rick Santorum’s speech to his supporters at the final town hall meeting before Caucus Day here in Iowa. Santorum paid tribute to his wife, Karen, and also to his children, who have worked so hard and sacrificed so […]

Santorum Attacked in Iowa With Same Smear Used Earlier Against Gingrich

Steve Ertelt of Life News reports: For the second time, people opposed to one of the Republican presidential candidates have misappropriated the name of a prominent Iowa pro-life organization attack the candidate in the state that holds the fist caucus tomorrow. In December someone used the name of Iowans for Life on fliers distributed at […]

The Familiar Pattern Emerges Again

JOHNSTON, Iowa Today I published another column from the campaign trail here in Iowa: Rick Santorum made a bold prediction here Friday night: The Pittsburgh Steelers will go all the way to the Super Bowl for a rematch with the Green Bay Packers. The former Pennsylvania senator was enjoying a rare moment of relaxation on […]

Don’t Underestimate Rick Santorum’s Campaign Strength in New Hampshire

“Ten days ago I was at 5 percent [in the polls] and every question I got was ‘Why don’t you pack it up and endorse another candidate?’ And now they’re saying ‘You’ve got to win [in Iowa] to exceed expectations.’” — Rick Santorum on NBC’s Meet the Press JOHNSTON, Iowa One of the stupid assumptions […]

Rick Santorum Talks Steelers Football

JOHNSTON, Iowa My friend Dan Collins insisted that I must interview the candidate about his favorite NFL team, which I did Friday night: SANTORUM: “We will beat the Browns this week. My prediction is, both the Patriots will lose to the Bills and the Ravens will lose to the Bengals and we will be the […]

SANTORUM SURGE SUNDAY: Final Poll Makes Front-Page News in Des Moines

JOHNSTON, Iowa You’re looking at the front page of Sunday’s Des Moines Register, which I just bought this morning at a convenience store down the street, and which carries the results of their final poll: Mitt Romney tops the latest Des Moines Register Iowa Poll in the closing days before the Iowa caucuses, but Ron Paul […]

‘Occupy’ Protesters at Bachmann HQ: Proof That Gardasil Causes Retardation?

JOHNSTON, Iowa Michele Bachmann has taken a lot of flak for saying that she was approached in Florida by a mother who claimed her daughter suffered brain damage as the result of a Gardasil vaccination. You may sneer at that claim, but when I showed up at Bachmann’s Iowa campaign headquarters today for an scheduled […]

Michele Bachmann Flyer Omits Comparison to Records of Santorum, Paul

JOHNSTON, Iowa During my visit to the Iowa headquarters of Michele Bachmann in nearby Urbandale today, I picked up a copy of a slick full-color flyer being distributed by her campaign (see front and back photos below). The 8½-by-11-inch flyer urges Iowa Republicans to “Vote for a Consistent Conservative” and includes an issue-by-issue comparison between the […]

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