The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

In Which @LaurenDuca Gets Cancelled

  The first time I took notice of Lauren Duca was in June 2016, when she wrote a Teen Vogue article about herpes that was simply false. Teen Vogue subsequently ceased print publication after publishing an article about anal sex, and I wrote in November 2017: In the months leading up to the 2016 election, Teen […]

Lesbian Sues Sperm Bank After Learning Why Both Her Kids Are Autistic

  Layers and layers of irony here: [Illinois lesbian Danielle] Rizzo’s children, ages 7 and 6, were at the center of one of the most ethically complex legal cases in the modern-day fertility industry. Three years ago, while researching treatment options for her sons, Rizzo says she made an extraordinary discovery: The boys are part […]

Who Is Raping Whom?

  The feminist discourse surrounding “rape culture,” particularly on college and university campuses, claimed that sexual assault was so prevalent as to suggest all men were complicit. University administrators imposed mandatory “consent training” as part of student orientation, male students were demonized as predatory monsters, and subjected to a systematic denial of due-process rights in […]

Fascism or Feminism? Amanda Marcotte Says We Have Only Two Choices, So …

    It’s been a while since we’ve taken notice of Amanda Marcotte, but the living embodiment of evil has not been idle, nor has she been less ridiculous than usual, it’s just that Trump Derangement Syndrome has produced so much craziness on the Left that Amanda is less obtrusive nowadays. This week, however, Ms. […]

Fat, Black, Queer and ANGRY!

    Ashleigh Shackelford (@ashleighthelion on Twitter) has described herself as “a queer, nonbinary Black fat femme writer,” complaining in 2016 she was “always scripted as the angry Black bitch” in her “organizing spaces.” As a one-woman embodiment of the identity politics that now defines the Democrat Party, Ms. Shackelford has few rivals, which may […]

‘Monster People’: Were Alec Holowka’s Fears Paranoid — Or Prophetic?

  Last week, independent videogame developer Alec Holowka committed suicide four days after being accused by Zoe Quinn of abusive behavior when Holowka and Quinn briefly lived together in 2009. Nearly three years before his suicide, Holowka wrote a Facebook post in which he said “monster people” in the gaming community were attempting to destroy […]

The Dangerous Myth of ‘Gender Equality’

  Rational Male author Rollo Tomassi called my attention to a recently published study by Florida State University psychology professor James McNulty and his colleagues, summarized thus: Sex is critical to marriage. Yet, there are several reasons to expect spouses to experience declines in the desire for sex over time, and the rates of any […]

Death by ‘Social Justice’: Zoe Quinn Drives Game Maker Alec Holowka to Suicide

  Who is Zoe Quinn? “Zoe Quinn” was Patient Zero of the #GamerGate controversy. A tattoo-covered, mentally ill ex-stripper whose real name is Chelsea Van Valkenburg, Quinn was the creator of a tediously dull game called “Depression Quest.” She broke up with her boyfriend, a software geek named Eron Gjoni, and allegedly became intimate with […]

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