The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Solipsism and Feminist Rage Syndrome

In his third book, The Rational Male: Positive Masculinity, Rollo Tomassi observes that women are prone to solipsistic thinking, making their own feelings the measure of everything, a self-referential point of view that makes objectivity impossible. Of course, many men are also inclined toward solipsism, but in our feminine-primary social order (to employ Rollo’s phrase), […]

Guys, Never Do This

Are you a parent? Do you have a teenage son? Have you talked to him about how to deal with girls? Because if boys are not properly instructed, they will turn out to be pathetic losers, like Tyler:   Who does this? Set aside, for the moment, the fact that the guy knew he was […]

Nostalgia Is Not a Policy Agenda

Dalrock points out that some conservatives, in criticizing 21st-century feminism, are merely expressing nostalgia for the feminism of the past. This is an error I’ve never made; having researched the origins of modern feminism in the radical New Left of the 1960s, I realized that the idea of “Women’s Liberation” conveyed by popular culture is […]

The Ivy League Is Decadent and Depraved: Never Have Sex With a Yale Girl

  Is heterosexuality even legal at Yale University anymore? An accused student is suing Yale University for concluding that the brief absence of a condom “during an otherwise consensual encounter” was sexual assault. “John Doe” alleges that “gender bias was a motivating factor” in the decision against him by Dean of the College Marvin Chun, […]


Telling the truth about social-media and prostitution: Have you ever seen a group of girls [on Instagram] sporting skimpy bikinis on a gorgeous yacht? Or that “model” who continually posts thong and hand-bra pics and is ALWAYS traveling to the most exotic (and expensive) places? I always used to wonder, “how does she have so […]

Fat Queer Feminist: Diets Are Hitler and Also Rape Culture or Something

  Say hello to Sonalee Rashatwar (@thefatsextherapist), who is against white supremacy, fatphobia, and “penis in vagina intercourse.” Probably I could think of some crude jokes to insert here, but that would be too easy, and also cruel. But let’s ask, what are Ms. Rashatwar’s credentials as a “fat sex therapist”? Well, she is a […]

#GetWokeGoBroke: Australian Feminist Coffee Shop Goes Out of Business

  In August 2017, a female-owned coffee shop in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, made headlines by announcing an unusual policy: The owners of Victorian cafe, Handsome Her, have found themselves at the centre of a polarising debate after its introduction of an 18 per cent “gender surcharge” for its male customers. The vegan cafe […]

‘Hypergamy Doesn’t Care’

Rollo Tomassi (left) and Anthony Johnson (right) at the 21 Convention. As previously mentioned, I’ve been invited to cover next month’s 21 Convention in Orlando, featuring an all-star schedule of “red pill” speakers, including Rollo Tomassi, author of The Rational Male. If you follow Rollo on Twitter, you know he has a habit of speaking […]

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