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Katie Hill and Her Victimhood Narrative

Posted on | October 31, 2019 | 1 Comment


As I remarked the other day, the Katie Hill sex scandal is actually a media scandal, given the role played by the “Democratic Party operatives with bylines” in helping elect the naked bisexual to Congress. Of course, then, when her own unethical behavior forced her from office, the disgraced Democrat claimed to be a victim of “right-wing” forces, and the media labored to give this lie an artificial appearance of truth:

New York Times political writer Lisa Lerer made Tuesday’s edition with news of the resignation of the formerly rising Democratic Rep. Katie Hill of California, after a bizarre sex scandal involving campaign and congressional staffers, and fueled by explicit photos first reported by a conservative website.
The headline was loaded to show how disturbed the Times felt about the spectacle of a Democratic congresswoman forced out of office in such fashion: “Revenge Porn Reaches Washington.” . . .
Lerer tried to muddy the waters while blaming “the conservative news site RedState.” . . .
Lerer compared Hill’s unseating to the supposedly disparate treatment of Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Republican accused of similar relationships with staffers.

Did I miss something? Have we seen photos of Duncan Hunter smoking a bong in the nude? Do we have screenshots of text messages confirming any three-ways involving Duncan Hunter? If the New York Times ever got hold of such evidence, I’m sure they’d publish it, but until they do, perhaps they should grab a hot cup of shut the f–k up. And while her media enablers repeat Katie’s dishonest narrative, the disgraced Democrat plans to sue everyone who told the truth:

Embattled Rep. Katie Hill hired revenge porn warrior Carrie Goldberg to sue over leaked nude snaps that emerged in the sex scandal that led to her resignation, The Post has learned.
The California congresswoman retained the noted Brooklyn attorney’s services after an onslaught of compromising photos surfaced on the conservative site RedState amid her ongoing divorce.
“This is a historic situation where an alleged abusive ex, bloodthirsty opposition, and a media without morals joined forces to hijack a brilliant young woman’s hard-fought congressional seat. It’s a new low for democracy,” Goldberg told The Post. . . .
“Everybody who participated in Representative Hill’s humiliation is on notice that we will track them down,” Goldberg said. “Anybody who continues to share, barter, peddle, sell images of Representative Hill will be found out and be brought to justice one way or another. Whether you are an ex-partner, a political opponent, a publisher, or the Republican National Committee, don’t think for a second you’ll be getting away with destroying a woman’s life.”

Ma’am, your client was smoking a bong in the nude. Perhaps you should reconsider your legal strategy. “Discovery is a bitch,” you know.

By the way, Red State never published the worst of those photos. What was most damaging to Katie Hill in Red State’s reporting was not “nude snaps,” but rather screenshots of text messages verifying (a) the nature of Ms. Hill’s involvement with a young female campaign aide, (b) concerns about Ms. Hill’s mental stability and alcohol intake, and (c) suspicion of her subsequent involvement with a male congressional staffer. It was (c) that represented a violation of House ethics rules, and the media is now helping to conceal that inconvenient truth by pretending this scandal is about “misogyny,” “revenge porn,” blah blah blah.

Nevertheless, she persisted:

“I am leaving because of a misogynistic culture that gleefully consumed my naked pictures, capitalized on my sexuality and enabled my abusive ex to continue that abuse, this time with the entire country watching,” Rep. Hill told her colleagues.
“I am leaving because of the thousands of vile, threatening emails, calls, and texts, that made me fear for my life and the lives of the people that I care about.”
“I am leaving because I didn’t want to be peddled by papers and blogs and websites, used by shameless operatives for the dirtiest gutter politics that I have ever seen,” she added.

How about, “I am leaving because I got caught violating House ethics rules against having sex with staff members”? No? You won’t tell the truth even after you got caught? Just another typical Democrat.

By the way, remember when Democrats went to court to unseal the records in the divorce of a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate? That was in Illinois, 2004. Jack Ryan was forced to quit, enabling a Democrat state senator to win the election. Maybe you heard of that guy.



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