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The Katie Hill Blame Game

Posted on | October 30, 2019 | 1 Comment


Let me explain something that might not be as obvious to everyone else as it is to me: The Katie Hill sex scandal is not about sex. It’s not even really about Katie Hill, a dime-a-dozen liberal who just happened to get herself elected to Congress. No, what this story is actually about is the blatant partisanship of the media, who consider it their job — their professional duty — to help Democrats win elections. This is why the media have now gone all-in to demonize Red State’s Jennifer Van Laar for breaking the Katie Hill story, so that the blame is not on the congresswoman who slept with her staffers, but rather on the conservative who published evidence of this unethical behavior.

Emotional Katie Hill condemns ‘horrible
smear campaign’ by rightwing foes

The Guardian

Chris Hayes on Katie Hill Resignation:
‘It Really Seems Like the Bad Guys Won’

Washington Free Beacon

‘This is incredible’: Politico senior
media reporter runs interference
for Katie Hill by trying to manufacture
dirt on RedState’s Jen Van Laar


In a remarkable panel discussion Monday on CNN (and by “remarkable,” of course I mean ludicrously biased) feminist Jill Filipovic asserted that Red State’s reporting on sexual misconduct by a member of Congress — a violation of House ethics rules — “probably should be illegal.”

Nothing — not even a blatant violation of House ethics rules — can deter the “Democratic Party operatives with bylines” from their mission of pursuing their partisan objective which, in this case, requires them to pretend that the perpetrator is actually the victim, and to assert that the truth-tellers are guilty of criminal malfeasance.

America’s political class is decadent and depraved, but our media class is arguably worse. The #MeToo exposure of big-name sexual predators like former NBC Today show host Matt Lauer confirmed what conservative critics had long asserted: that the liberal media’s pretensions of moral superiority were a sham. And the role played by the journalistic establishment in disgraced Democrat Rep. Katie Hill’s scandal adds further evidence that much of the press corps has become exactly what President Trump says: “Fake news … the enemy of the people.”
If political journalists had been doing their job, Ms. Hill might never have been elected to Congress in the first place. But the media’s enthusiasm to help Democrats win a House majority in last year’s midterm election was such that reporters didn’t produce journalism about Ms. Hill; instead they produced publicity. Coverage of Ms. Hill’s 2018 congressional campaign in various national media amounted to a massive contribution-in-kind of free advertising. . . .

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