The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Cause and Effect: Cultural Decadence

  One of the Bad Ideas of recent years that bothers me most — because it is both widely believed among the elite and easily demonstrable as wrong — is Richard Florida’s theory of the “Creative Class”: While I was in Massachusetts last fall for a book event hosted by Pete Da Tech Guy, we […]

Swedish Socialist Hypocrisy

Leftist dies, hilarious hijinks ensue: “Greedy” means “you won’t give me what I want, just because it’s yours, not mine.”

Why ‘Moderate Islam’ Is Doomed

Moderation is not a fighting creed. Voices of compromise and tolerance can never prevail in a culture that permits militant radicals to resort to intimidation and violence to achieve their ends. David Herzenhorn of the New York Times reports a brutal lesson from Russia: MOSCOW — A self-described guerrilla fighter urging strict adherence to Islamic […]

Awesome Fireworks Videos

This show in the Hannover International Fireworks Competition in Germany was produced by the Gotteburg factory from Sweden. And here’s a compilation of finale effects:

‘I Feel Like I Just Found Out I’ve Been Living on the Moon’

So says a progressive feminist, in agreeing with Ace of Spades’ take on the Julian Assange rape accusations, as described in an Australian newspaper account: She says they had consensual sex but she woke up the next morning to find him having intercourse with her to which she had not consented. When she asked him if he […]

More Assange-Related Feminist Meltdown

Moe Tkacik is a female writer for the Washington City Paper who wrote an article mocking the rape charges against Julian Assange. She included the names of his accusers, Anna Ardin, 31, and Sofia Wilen, 26. The names of Assange’s accusers are not secret. The Sydney Morning Herald and umpteen jillion liberal blogs have named […]

Julian Assange, Victim?

The World’s Smallest Violin, playing “My Heart Bleeds for You”: LAWYERS for Julian Assange have expressed anger about an alleged smear campaign against the Australian WikiLeaks founder. Incriminating police files were published in the British newspaper that has used him as its source for hundreds of leaked US embassy cables. In a move that surprised […]

Assange: ‘The Worst Sex Ever’

The Guardian publishes an extensive account of the two Swedish women’s sexual assault accusations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: That evening, Miss A held a party at her flat. One of her friends, “Monica”, later told police that during the party Miss A had told her about the ripped condom and unprotected sex. Another friend told […]

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