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More Assange-Related Feminist Meltdown

Posted on | December 25, 2010 | 14 Comments

Moe Tkacik is a female writer for the Washington City Paper who wrote an article mocking the rape charges against Julian Assange. She included the names of his accusers, Anna Ardin, 31, and Sofia Wilen, 26.

The names of Assange’s accusers are not secret. The Sydney Morning Herald and umpteen jillion liberal blogs have named Ardin and Wilen. But evidently the combination of (a) mocking the rape charges, (b) naming the accusers, and (c) being a woman made Moe Tkacik a perfect scapegoat for feminist blogger Sady Doyle, who sent 37 Tweets to Tkacik including this one:

“@MoeTkacik ‘OH GOD.’ You’re so funny & ironic & over it! Oh, except for the fact that two women MIGHT GET MURDERED. Whoops? #MooreandMe.”

Uh, yeah. And the people threatening Ardin and Wilen are . . . ?

Yes, that’s right: Anti-American leftist moonbats!

Has Sady Doyle ever written a word condemning the anti-American leftist moonbats who made death threats against Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter? I’m going to guess “no.”

Every conservative who has ever been in an argument with the Left (a group that includes Doyle, Assange, Assange’s accusers, and the people making  death threats against Assange’s accusers) is familiar with their typical mode of discourse: You have the right to your opinion, unless you disagree with them, in which case they start TYPING SCARY THINGS IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS!

And because Sady Doyle is a feminist, she enjoys using liberated words like “c*nt” and “b*tch” and “sh*t” and “f*ck” — sometimes IN ALL CAPS!

Anyway, Donald Douglas at American Power is all over the story of Doyle’s campaign to get Tkacik fired, and addresses Doyle:

Moe’s road kill on the superhighway to the feminist utopia. Deal with it.

Read the whole thing.


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