The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Jim, Jim and John Get Zany Mail

by Smitty

When Your Silly Haiku Tweet Turns Into An Impromptu Songwriting Session

by Smitty To put this mess in context, I was tweeting the G-File with a haiku, and copying @HaikuJonah. Then @Corduroyalist had to make everything weird. @HaikuJonah offers the perfect review. This is an example of how fun Twitter used to be all the time. It’s only an occasional pleasure anymore. @jonahNRO When your haruspex […]

#Evergreen New York Times Ditty

by Smitty If you want to win a bet,Go against truth in the NYeT:Pravda-on-the-Hudson likes it wrong. (1/2) — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) September 2, 2017 Facts always seem to hide,From their lyin' Commie pride,Like talent from a wretched hip-hop song. (2/2) — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) September 2, 2017 Retweet these to Stick It To The Man.

Those ‘Turbo’ Thingies

by Smitty With your approval, then: — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) July 16, 2017

Herbert Kornfeld Was Certainly Smarter Than Krugman, My Basset Hound. Also, The NYT Economist Dude. #TrudeauEulogies

by Smitty Those who’ve been on the net for a while may remember Herbert Kornfeld, tragically felled by a politically correct scythe right around the time Barack Obama rose from useless to famously useless, back in 2007. Apparently, the Northern Lightbulb is a little less dim for having been pilloried by pretty much the entire […]

Couple O’ Shots O’ Joe

by Smitty Hasn’t been worth the last eight years, but Biden has been great comic relief. BIDEN THOUGHT BUBBLE: "I coulda been a contenda. This bimbo doesn't even know that, when you wipe a server, you use a Shamwow." — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) November 12, 2016 Well Joe, your advice really stank. — Scott […]

Friday Night Doggerel

by Smitty Regret that my 2016 Election Primal Scream Therapy has curtailed my blogging to the point of non-existence. Keep in mind that it’s all fun and games until junk gets real, states secede and armies march. I know where we're headedAnd our future's fully threadedAnd we'll likely soon eat Venezuelan food (1/2) — […]

Did Her Majesty Drop Some Hormones In The Little Pajama Boy, Or What?

by Smitty Everyone’s getting their Twitter riffs on over this: #ManEnoughforJohnson — Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) May 26, 2016 Added my own little bit of doggerel in that AABCCB scheme that seems to work well: [View the story “Shout Out To #ClapChap” on Storify] I guess it’s all fun and games until Trump […]

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