The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Well, Those Ukraine Girls Really Knock Me Out, They Leave the West Behind’

In 2018, Veronika Didusenko was crowned as Miss Ukraine, but four days later, she was stripped of her title when pageant officials discovered that she was divorced and had a young child. More recently, she was forced to flee Kyiv after the Russians invaded Ukraine. Permit me to reiterate my longstanding “Don’t Deport the Hotties” […]

‘Air Biden’: Midnight Flights Bring Illegals From Border, and It’s ‘Racist’ to Notice

Remember, the “Great Replacement” is just a right-wing myth: The Biden administration doesn’t want media attention on illegal immigration, its open border policies, or the results of those policies. How do we know? A security officer just said so, in an explosive video of secretive, dark-of-night flights transporting illegal immigrants to various points throughout the […]

The Biden Administration’s Blame Game and the Sad Fate of #NeverTrump

My colleague John Hoge points out that, no matter what goes wrong in the Biden administration, it’s never their fault. It is psychologically unhealthy to think of oneself as a victim of forces beyond one’s control. Good mental health requires a sense of agency — the belief that we are masters of our own fate, […]

‘Build a Path to Citizenship’

Quietly, proceeding by stealthy cat-like steps, the open-borders lobby has decided that permanent legal status for illegal aliens is something that Congress must cram into the “reconciliation” legislation: Sen. Alex Padilla, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s immigration panel, said Tuesday it was his “understanding and expectation” that a pathway to permanent status for undocumented […]

Khaled Awad Update: Student Visa for Egyptian Who Stabbed Massachusetts Rabbi; Roommates Say He Hated Jews

When we first reported on this case, authorities in Massachusetts were still mystified about the motive behind the stabbing of a rabbi in front of a Boston-area Jewish school by 24-year-old Khaled Awad. Some readers may have anticipated this latest development: An Egyptian man who is accused of stabbing a rabbi outside of a Jewish […]

Tucker Carlson Douses Frank Luntz in Gasoline and Lights Him on Fire

Figuratively speaking, of course: For quite some time now we’ve wondered what’s going on with congressional Republicans. There are a lot of nice people in the Republican Party, but the point of a political party is not to be nice, it is to represent the interests of its voters. . . . However, it remains […]

Good-Bye, California

If you listen to The Other Podcast (every Saturday night at 7 p.m. ET), you have come to know and love the voice and laughter of the lovely Dianna Deeley. She’s a native Californian who worked for years in San Francisco, but now lives in Valdosta, Georgia. My other podcast partner, John Hoge, is a […]

CNN: ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’

For the past three days, I’ve had the TV in my home office tuned to CNN. This is something I do occasionally, just to see what the world looks like to people who get their news from the liberal media. One thing I noticed is that, during about two dozen hours of programming over three […]

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