The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Scott Ott On Fire; But It’s A Dry Heat

by Smitty This clip contains weapons-grade dry humor. View with caution and no beverages within the vicinity of the mouth:

Whittle Putting BHO’s “You Didn’t Get There On Your Own” In Context

by Smitty It’s already the defining moment of the campaign, but Bill Whittle slices like a hammer here, casting Captain Collectivism’s remark in a biographical context that makes it abundantly clear: #OccupyResoluteDesk is intellectually incapable of viewing reality in any manner than the one which liberty-loving Americans are busily deriding:

Scott Ott Smiling? Not!

by Smitty The bit varying Barack Obama’s “If you built a business” Elizabeth Warren homage was worth a screencap:

Stephen Green Stolen And Replaced By Bob Dylan

by Smitty Not really, but he certainly has gone from a high-brown boozer to a jolly, lowbrow drunk. At last, the Hope and Change have been located! Check back tomorrow morning for some exclusive Artur Davis video with a voiceover by the World’s Youngest Blogger!

Ott Finds Humor In ObamaCare Decision

by Smitty Ott makes an excellent effort at finding some humor in the ObamaCare news. I thought the final EU joke worked the best:

Can I Recall A More Pissed Off Whittle Than In This Fast & Furious Essay?
No, I Cannot

by Smitty

A Dry Shot Of Ott

by Smitty

Trifecta Trounces Turbo Tax Timmy’s Tomfoolery & Turpitude

by Smitty Whittle’s head is on the verge of ‘sploding here as he tries to get his mind around the blend of idiocy and the diabolical presented to the Congress in the form of this year’s White House budget input. The question of why we are incapable of coaxing someone like Paul Ryan to run […]

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