The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

White House ‘Targeted Me by Name,’ Says Feminist Vaccine Skeptic Naomi Wolf

When COVID-19 policy critic Alex Berenson got banned from Twitter last year, he sued them, and his account was reinstated after it was revealed that White House officials singled him out by name at an April 2021 White House meeting with representatives of social-media companies. In June 2021, two months before Berenson was banned from […]

Politics and Friendship

If you squint very hard at this 1973 photo of the low-brass section of the Douglas County (Ga.) High School Marching Tiger Band, you can see a 14-year-old trombonist, squatting down in the center, who is now a professional journalist of some minor notoriety. Among his good friends in this photo, kneeling to the left, […]

Never Take Military Advice From (Or Give Money to) #NeverTrump Grifters

What’s weird about Rick Wilson is that most people never heard of him until Twitter came along, but the consulting game is so lucrative that lots of people you never heard of collect fat paychecks. Wilson first came onto my radar as a Twitter personality associated with the Tea Party circa 2009, but he had […]

July 4: Why I Am a Populist

One evening in the fall of 1997, we finished loading up the U-Haul truck in our driveway in Rome, Georgia. Friends from our church had come to help us with this task, as my wife and I prepared to move our family to Gaithersburg, Maryland. Four days later, I was to begin my new job […]

‘15 Days to Slow the Spread’

Yes, today is a memorable anniversary. Jim Geraghty reminds us: On Monday, March 16, 2020, the White House advised all Americans to avoid gathering in groups of more than ten and urged older people to stay at home in a set of new guidelines designed to fight the coronavirus outbreak, labeling the effort “15 Days […]

‘A Year Without Christmas’

Democrats everywhere are using COVID-19 as a pretext to shut down business. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is playing the Grinch: The City of Philadelphia imposed new business restrictions on Monday that will go into effect at the end of the week. Sectors of the local economy will be required to shut down or severely curtail […]

Herman Cain, R.I.P.

  My brother Kirby took that photo of Herman Cain when we visited the studios of WSB radio in Atlanta. Mr. Cain had just returned to the airwaves after surviving a serious battle with cancer, and I’d traveled down to interview him for The Washington Times. That was not long after I’d been smeared as […]

Blame New York

  What counts as “success” in fighting a pandemic? Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, made a controversial assessment of New York’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. “We know that, when you do it properly, you bring down those cases. We have done it. We have done it in New York,” he told PBS’s Judy Woodruff. […]

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