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Politics Is a Team Sport

Posted on | October 9, 2023 | Comments Off on Politics Is a Team Sport

Saturday evening on The Other Podcast, I found myself ranting furiously about the idiots who decided that what the conservative movement needed was for eight House Republicans to join the Democrats and vote the GOP Speaker out of office. It prompted me to invoke Casey Stengel who, frustrated by the ineptitude of the 1962 Mets, asked, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”

The problems with our team are bad enough, but at least we no longer have the problem of Bill Kristol, Tom Nichols, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and the rest of the #NeverTrump crew who quit the GOP in a childish tantrum and now are allied with Democrats and the Somnambulist-in-Chief, Sleepy Joe Biden.

Does any friend of Israel think Biden’s Middle East policy is better than Trump’s? And how do Messrs. Kristol, et al., feel about their current alignment with the party of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib? Not happy, I’ll bet.

Kristol is stuck with grumbling about what he claims are “some GOP misrepresentations” about Biden’s Iran policy, because it would not do for a #NeverTrumper to admit the reality that he is now on the wrong side. The pathetic fate of the #NeverTrump crew reminds me of nothing so much as one of those hotshot college football players who, having failed to win the starting quarterback job as a freshman at a major conference powerhouse, decides to enter the “transfer portal,” only to end up at some third-rate program.

To join the Democratic Party team — as the #NeverTrumpers have done, whether they’re willing to admit it or not — requires one to tolerate (if not indeed to embrace) the left-wing fringe movements that provide the Democrats with their grassroots energy. And what is the left-wing fringe doing now?

If you look closely at those signs, you’ll notice the branding of the Workers World Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

These are actually two factions of the same fringe Marxist cult. Sam Marcy quit the Socialist Workers Party which wasn’t totalitarian enough for his taste. Marcy founded the Workers World Party (WWP) in 1959. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the WWP joined forces with Ramsey Clark to form International ANSWER (“Act Now to Stop War and End Racism”), a front group that has spent the past 30 years organizing protests against U.S. policy. In 2004, ANSWER leader Brian Becker and others (including Gloria La Riva and Sunil Freeman) “left the Workers World Party in June 2004, announcing that ‘the Workers World Party leadership is no longer capable of fulfilling [the] mission’ of building socialism,” and thus was born the Party for Socialism and Liberation. One may well ask, how does supporting Hamas help the socialist “mission” that the WWP and PSL seek to advance? It doesn’t matter. To these fringe kooks, “socialism” always turns out to be whatever is bad for America. There is no anti-American movement they will not support. Because Hamas hates America, the kooks are pro-Hamas — a logic not too unlike the anti-Trump hysteria that led Kristol and his friends to become pro-Biden.

Now they’re all part of the same coalition. The worst people always end up together somehow, and they certainly deserve each other.



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