The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Finally, Obama Creates Jobs — Hiring People to Fix Busted ObamaCare Site!

They spent $400 million to launch the stupid thing, and now they’re hiring contractors in a desperate attempt to make it work. And by “work,” of course, I mean, destroy our economy. Obama's Message to America: "Are you people stupid, or what?" HEH! @Hav99 @tate_wes @philipaklein — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) October 21, 2013 […]

Hope and Change and Expensive Failure

“Obama: Anatomy of a World Leader,” by Alex Gray (detail) “I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the […]

@TedCruz Dribbles Dem. Party Proxy Candy Crowley In The Basketball Fashion

by Smitty God bless you Ted Cruz. Worth savoring every moment: @rdbrewer4 It was a substantial lunch. It's fair to say @TedCruz did yeoman's work, & perhaps put a dent in the lunch under consideration. — Smitty #GoCruz (@smitty_one_each) October 6, 2013 via @rdbrewer4

It’s a Good Thing @GabrielMalor Isn’t Trying to Win Any Popularity Contests

The morning Open Thread at AOSHQ gives their resident Eeyore a chance to voice his dissent from the GOP shutdown strategy: So the score is: conservatives didn’t manage to stop Obamacare. Conservatives are oddly celebrating a shutdown they claimed they did not want. The GOP is getting blamed. Oh, and how are voters looking at […]

Fear and Loathing in Moocher Nation

“Swing voters.” “Independent voters.” “Low-information voters.” President Obama’s re-election campaign engaged in a sophisticated microtargeting effort that, among other things, aimed TV ads at viewers of late-night comedy, ESPN and the TV Land network. In other words, the president’s campaign deliberately sought potential voters who were apathetic, disengaged from politics and current affairs, whose lack […]

Keep Your Patriot Hand Strong, @TedCruz

by Smitty Absolutely masterful rhetorical command on display here as the Cruzado dribbles the hapless dope David Gregory like a basketball, shooting three-pointer after three-pointer: God bless Senator Cruz. And may God send a bit of sense to the codpiece media in general, and David Gregory in particular. via Weasel Zippers and Dr. Melissa

Allen West Places The #ObamaCare Stand In Historical Context

by Smitty Great essay, and well worth your time: Strangely, while there is a Vietnam reference, it does not pertain to Senator Just-whose-side-are-you-on.

#ObamaCare: The Train Wreck You Know

by Smitty The most stunning thing about #ObamaCare is not that it's the most expensive train wreck imaginable, short of full-on war. Rather, + — Smitty #GoCruz (@smitty_one_each) September 26, 2013 what fascinates me about #ObamaCare is that these rodeo clowns would expect people to support their follow-on volcanic cockup, Single Prayer — Smitty #GoCruz […]

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