The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Barney Frank Is Scared, and He Hasn’t Even Seen Ladd Ehlinger’s Next Video

When an incumbent congressman has to lend money to his own campaign, the crisis must be very dire indeed. Allahpundit wonders, “What on earth are his internal polls showing him . . . ?” Hey, when a congressman and his heckler boyfriend fly to the Virgin Islands aboard the private jet of a hedge-fund billionaire in the […]

Reporting News That Liberals Want You to Ignore? ‘Right-Wing Attack Site’!

BOSTON — A rainy morning in Massachusetts and here’s my latest column at The American Spectator: Tina Hood of Worcester said “it blew my mind” when she heard her congressman say, “I think the Constitution is wrong.” Rep. Jim McGovern later called his statement a “slip of the tongue,” but to Ms. Hood — a […]

It’s a Small World, After All

BOSTON — I called a source tonight to see if there had been any developments with Marty Lamb‘s campaign in the 3rd District. Well, yes, Mark Levin had mentioned the campaign and Howie Carr had interviewed Marty and — the latest news — there was this mention from a certain nationally known conservative columnist: Rep. Jim […]

Democrat Jim McGovern: ‘Silly’ to Blame Him for ‘Constitution Is Wrong’ Gaffe

BOSTON — After last night’s debate gaffe in Shrewsbury — when Jim McGovern said, “I think the Constitution is wrong” — it was to be expected that the 3rd District Democrat would try to spin his way out of it: Last night, I had a slip of the tongue. While answering a question about the awful Supreme […]

Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern Says, ‘I Think the Constitution Is Wrong’

BOSTON — Tonight in a debate at Shrewsbury High School, Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern shocked the audience when he declared, “I think the Constitution is wrong” (0:32): Discussing campaign-finance regulation, and apparently referring to the U.S. Supreme Court’s January Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling, McGovern said: “We have a lousy Supreme Court decision that […]