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Barney Frank Is Scared, and He Hasn’t Even Seen Ladd Ehlinger’s Next Video

Posted on | October 19, 2010 | 13 Comments

When an incumbent congressman has to lend money to his own campaign, the crisis must be very dire indeed. Allahpundit wonders, “What on earth are his internal polls showing him . . . ?”

Hey, when a congressman and his heckler boyfriend fly to the Virgin Islands aboard the private jet of a hedge-fund billionaire in the midst of an economic apocalypse the congressman arguably helped cause . . .

Do you really need polls to tell you that might hurt his chances for re-election? Yeah, I know it’s Massachusetts, but the economy’s in a ditch, and Barney’s up there sippin’ on a Slurpee, so to to speak.

There may be limits even to the credulity of Massachusetts liberals. This ad is now airing on Boston-area TV:

And that’s merely the standard-issue TV ad. Just wait until you see the next Ladd Ehlinger production. Furthermore, as it appears we’re nearing a truly apocalyptic meltdown for the Democrats, I’ll point out a couple more targets of opportunity: John “Married to the Mob” Tierney’s 6th District GOP opponent Bill Hudak is having a money-bomb, and Jim “The Constitution Is Wrong” McGovern’s 3rd District GOP challenger Marty Lamb could use some help, too.

Misery loves company. Help spread the Democrat pain in Massachusetts, so Barney doesn’t suffer alone.


13 Responses to “Barney Frank Is Scared, and He Hasn’t Even Seen Ladd Ehlinger’s Next Video”

  1. Danasmithmd
    October 20th, 2010 @ 9:44 am

    Throw the bums out!!!

  2. RemNov
    October 20th, 2010 @ 7:13 pm

    Barney Frank is clearly trying to deflect attention from his involvement in the housing market meltdown. His support of lenient lending standards for unqualified homebuyers and his protection of FNMA and Freddie Mac when the risks of their holding these toxic mortgages began to emerge were not only negligent, but directly contributed to the dismal state of the economy today. His denial of the problem before the meltdown and revisionist history of events after the fact is grounds for dismissal in any private company. It is not much different from Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme…except Barney flushed taxpayer dollars down the drain. This, coupled with the ethics issues that have arisen regarding his bailing out friends banks and hedge funds make it all the more understandable why Barney Frank is trying hard to change the subject to social security reform and gay rights issues. Finally, misrepresenting the value of, and taking lavish gifts from hedge fund managers, where there clearly a conflict of interest would definitely be grounds for dismissal in any privately run company. All of this has made it abundantly clear to me that IT IS TIME TO FIRE BARNEY FRANK! I am in the 4th District of MA and voting for Sean Bielat. Not only is he an excellent candidate, he makes commonsense and will restore honor and fiscal sanity to our district. If you want to find out more or contribute to his campaign, donate any amount, no matter how small @ YES, THERE IS DEFINITELY A CHANCE!!