The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

GA-12: Ali Akbar Explains It All

VIDALIA, Ga. — The brilliant young New Media prodigy discusses the strategy of Ray McKinney’s grassroots campaign for Congress: Yeah, Ali owes me beers for calling him a “brilliant young New Media prodigy.” Or else he could suggest you hit the tip jar.

GA-12: Greetings From Vidalia!

VIDALIA, Ga. — I’m here at Ray McKinney for Congress headquarters in the “Sweet Onion City,” and wanted to give you a quick campaign update. Here’s Ray in front of headquarters on Main Street. The Raymobile. It’s like the Batmobile, except for the bumper sticker on the back: “This vehicle does not brake for Blue Dogs.” […]

Democrat Agrees: Ray McKinney’s Right!

Video version of a radio ad now running in Georgia’s 12th District: How scared is John Barrow? He spent $1.3 million on his re-election campaign through Sept. 30. RAY McKINNEY for U.S. CONGRESS UPDATE: Just got off the phone with a source in Georgia. We’re now in the post-Oct. 15 period when campaigns must report […]

Republican Ray McKinney Reminds Georgia Voters They Have a Choice

A press release from the Tea Party-backed candidate who is challenging John Barrow in southeast Georgia’s 12th District: Vidalia, GA — A billboard campaign for Republican Congressional Candidate Ray McKinney warns voters not to stay home on election day – or else Incumbent Democrat John Barrow and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi get to […]