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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

EXCLUSIVE: Sean Bielat Sends Fundraising E-Mail for 2012 Campaign

Sean Bielat, the Marine veteran who mounted a surprisingly strong Republican challenge to Barney Frank in the 2010 mid-term election, has sent a fundraising e-mail to his supporters, seeking contributions for his planned 2012 campaign for the Massachusetts 4th District seat. In the e-mail, obtained exclusively by The Other McCain, Bielat seeks donations in the amount […]

INTERVIEW: Sean Bielat Says He’ll Make 2012 Campaign Decision ‘Next Week’

In 2010, Republican Sean Bielat gave Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank the toughest re-election challenge the Democrat had ever experienced. Although Bielat’s insurgent Tea Party-backed campaign fell short of unseating Frank, it was obviously a factor in the 16-term congressman’s decision this week to retire at the end of his current term, rather than seek re-election […]

The Evidently Obligatory ‘How Many House Seats Will the GOP Win?’ Post

Short answer: A lot fewer than they could have, if the NRCC had a freaking clue. Really. Ace of Spades interrogates Jay Cost about the likelihood of Republican gains on the high side of 60, which I consider insanely optimistic, given the face-palming incompetence of the NRCC. But first the good news from Jay Cost: […]

Key Campaign Endorsements

ANN MARIE BUERKLE for U.S. CONGRESS * * * * * SEAN BIELAT for U.S. CONGRESS * * * * * ROBERT STACY McCAIN His Kids Say: Hit the Freaking Tip Jar!

To Repeat: Beware of Polls!

Sunday morning, I noted Donald Douglas’s dissection of an L.A. Times poll that appears skewed toward Democrats.  Now, Tina Hemond gets inside the numbers in last week’s poll that showed Barney Frank leading by 12 points over Sean Bielat and argues that, in fact, the race in MA-4 is a statistical dead heat. Of course, we […]

Poll: Sean Bielat 63%, Barney Frank 31%

OK, it’s merely an unscientific online poll at the Web site of the New Bedford Standard-Times, but that won’t reduce the shock factor for Democratic Party operatives when they see the headline via their Google alerts. Sometimes you just want to mess with their minds, for the pure outrageous hell of it. In more serious news, Fleming […]

VIDEO: Do the Barney Shuffle!

It’s the dance sensation that’s sweeping the nation! The New York Times did a feature on Ladd Ehlinger Jr. (“a periwinkle gray T-shirt the color of his eyes”? Dude, I told you that chick was hot for you) recognition that is way overdue, as it’s been nearly a year since I declared: “Clearly, this man is destined […]

Sean Bielat: ‘Hey, Thanks. I Guess You Want Me To Build You a Robot, Too?’

Barney Frank must be so disappointed. He did his darnedest to try to win Sarah Palin’s endorsement, but . . . Remember what it was like in January 2010 when Massachusetts shocked the political world?  It’s that time again.  Sean Beilat is running against a Democrat incumbent who has been in government office for over 30 years.  […]

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