The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Most Important Voter in America

A lot of people laughed at this news last week, but if only she lived in a swing state, Lindsay Lohan would be the perfect example of why Barack Obama’s on the verge of losing this election: Lohan is a low information voter convinced that (a) employment is really important, (b) thinks that employment is not […]

OMG! Scandal! Miley Cyrus Crotch Shot Published by Perez Hilton Reuters

Reuters offers the Mother Of All Excuses: A Reuters representative speaking on background admitted that the photo had caused concern in the photo department because of Miley’s age, but that was weighed against the fact that it occurred on stage in front of hundreds of people and other cameras, as well as the fact that the […]

Douchebag Blogger Will Folks Claims That He’s a Victim of ‘Smear Campaign’

The guy who has spent two years spreading salacious rumors about his former employer has taken to recording private phone conversations and claiming that supporters of Nikki Haley are waging a “smear campaign” against him. A Sullivanesque irony-deficient lack of self-awareness? Whatever. Dan Riehl interprets Will Folks’ latest eruption to mean that the douchebag has […]

VIDEO: Is Wes Donehue Evil?
Or Is Will Folks Total Scum?

You may remember these text messages about Nikki Haley from South Carolina GOP consultant Wes Donehue to Will Folks: From: Wes Donehue To: Will Folks Sent: May 13, 2010 2:55 PM I just don’t know who has told more people, you or Nikki. From: Wes Donehue To: Will Folks Sent: May 13, 2010 5:01 PM […]

Nikki Haley Interview: ‘Will Folks? Complete Douchebag! No Way, Jose!’ UPDATE: Team Romney Double-Cross?

Actually, the video clip of the interview at Charleston’s WCIV-TV was screwed up, so I can’t be sure that those were her exact words, but the station does report that she’s denying the whole thing: Haley, who is still determined, says it’s nothing more than politics. “It worries me because I think this is what […]

Los Angeles Republican Party Wins Lawsuit Against Ron Paul Supporters

Taking over a county-level Republican Party isn’t really that hard. In most places, if you’ve got a core group of five or six smart organizer/activists who really know what they’re doing, you can oust the incumbent party leadership within a year. Since 2008, supporters of Ron Paul have done this in many counties, and there are a […]

Rule 6: Don’t Be a Complete Douchebag

Thanks to the commenter on the previous post who said that the exploits of Will Folks should inspire an addendum to “How to Get a Million Hits On Your Blog.” There is a line between ordinary human fallibility — sometime you hit the “publish” button and immediately regret it — and 100% douchebaggery. Will Folks […]