The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Police Make Sex Trafficking Arrest

  Recent news from Milford, Connecticut: Two Rhode Island residents facing charges related to human trafficking and prostitution were released on bail Friday in Milford District Court. Michael Quinones, 29, of 155 Cranston St., Providence, was charged with deriving support from prostitution, conspiracy to commit a crime and trafficking a person for sexual servitude, according […]

A Cover-Up in Connecticut?

Tommy Stuart (left); Hal Yocher (right). In the pre-dawn hours of a Wednesday morning, 39-year-old James Thomas “Tommy” Stuart III was hanging out with a friend named Renee in his third-floor apartment in Waterbury, Connecticut. They had a few drinks and were talking when suddenly an armed man kicked in the apartment door. Brandishing a […]

Homophobic Bigotry Update

Why is there so much anti-gay prejudice nowadays? For example, Dave Blount at Moonbattery says only “a sick, demented society” would “facilitate” adoption by same-sex couples. I can’t imagine why anyone would say that, can you? George Harasz and Douglas Wirth, a married couple from Glastonbury, Conn., were arrested in November 2011 following allegations by two of […]

The Rush to Judgment: Is Torrington Destined to Be the Next Steubenville?

Two 18-year-olds in Torrington, Conn., are charged with sexually assault. The case involves a 13-year-old, and it has caused some ugly reaction: [O]n social media in recent weeks, dozens of athletes and Torrington High School students, male and female, have taunted the 13-year-old victim, calling her a “whore,” criticizing her for “snitching” and “ruining the lives” […]

‘How Dare You Let Your Mental Illness Disturb My Gun-Control Narrative?’

That’s what Laura Beck was saying at Jezebel: In light of last Friday’s tragic school shooting, some people are arguing that gun control is just a band-aid, and that access to mental health services in this country is the real problem. . . . You’ve probably read the “I Am [the Creepy Little Weirdo’s] Mother” […]

The Creepy Little Weirdo’s Mom

The Washington Post notices that most folks in Newtown, Connecticut, don’t see the murderer’s mother as a victim worth mourning: Police said that before he attacked the schoolhouse, [the creepy little weirdo] pumped four bullets into his mother’s head as she lay in bed. . . . “I am feeling that there is more anger toward the […]

Chris Rock Was Right

“Liberals talk about banning guns as if it’s the same as banning murder and banning evil.” — Ace of Spades “Gun-free zones are premised on a lie: that murderers will follow rules, and that people like my student are a greater danger to those around them than crazed killers. That’s an insult to honest people. […]

CONNECTICUT SCHOOL SHOOTING UPDATE: Death Toll 27; Gunman Now Identified as 20-Year-Old Adam Lanza

UPDATE 6:20 p.m. ET: Nearly everything originally reported about the gunman was wrong, as Ace of Spades notes. Reports had ID’d 24-year-old Ryan Lanza as the shooter, but now it is reported that in fact the shooter was his 20-year-old brother Adam Lanza: According to a report from ABC News, neighbors of the Lanza family […]

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