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Police Make Sex Trafficking Arrest

Posted on | July 29, 2018 | Comments Off on Police Make Sex Trafficking Arrest


Recent news from Milford, Connecticut:

Two Rhode Island residents facing charges related to human trafficking and prostitution were released on bail Friday in Milford District Court.
Michael Quinones, 29, of 155 Cranston St., Providence, was charged with deriving support from prostitution, conspiracy to commit a crime and trafficking a person for sexual servitude, according to the criminal docket. He was released on $500 cash bail, plus a $150 counsel fee.
His accomplice, Emilie Camacho-Gomez, 29, of 152 Bordan St., Woonsocket, was charged with sexual conduct for a fee and conspiracy to commit a crime. She was released without bail on terms of personal recognizance.
Assistant District Attorney Robert Shea asked for Quinones’ bail to be raised to $5,000 cash plus the $150 counsel fee, but Judge Robert Calagione declined.
According to the statement of facts in support of the application for criminal complaint, at 10:05 p.m. Monday, Milford police officers Elias Giokas and Kevin O’Loughlin were traveling down Winter Street when they spotted a blue 1999 GMC Savana van with Rhode Island license plates parked neared Winter Street and Granite Street.
After briefly observing the driver, Quinones, at a stop sign, the officers say they observed a woman, Camacho-Gomez, exiting a residence on Granite Street and entering the vehicle. Camacho-Gomez was spotted earlier in the evening, at about 6:24 p.m., exiting the vehicle and entering a residence on Jefferson Street, near the home of a known heroin user.
Quinones was pulled over after the officers noticed a rear brake light malfunction when the vehicle drove away. While talking with Quinones about his whereabouts that evening, O’Loughlin noticed a text conversation open on Quinones’ cellphone that allegedly discussed sexual services for money.
During this time, Giokas was standing on the passenger side of the vehicle when he saw Camacho-Gomez, who was sitting in the front seat, make a move to the back of the van and grab a bag. This prompted Giokas to open the passenger door and order both suspects out of the vehicle. The suspects were separated from each other.
It was then through Officer Joseph Francesconi, who Giokas radioed in for and who speaks Spanish, that officers learned that Camacho-Gomez was performing sexual services, after she initially stated that she was just riding with her cousin, Quinones. Quinones had made a similar claim.
“I am prostituting and need money for my children,” Camacho-Gomez allegedly said.
In searching the van, O’Loughlin found $1,188 in the middle console beside the driver’s seat. Giokas observed a purse that was filled with condoms, lube, baby wipes, anti-septic spray and $473 in cash on the passenger’s seat.
When asked about what job he had, Quinones allegedly responded, “I don’t have a job.”
When asked where he got the money, he claimed it was from his bank account.
Detective Michael Mastroianni later arrived to assist and asked to check the cellphones that Quinones had that were ringing throughout the stop. Giokas and Francesoni observed messages both in English and Spanish. In one conversation were pictures of Camacho-Gomez.
“Do you want the service,” “15 minutes” and “Colombian” were written in messages underneath the pictures.
Officers then determined that Camacho-Gomez conspired with Quinones to perform sexual services for a fee and that Quinones was “deriving financial support from a known prostitute,” according to the statement.
It was also determined that Quinones would use his van to take Camacho-Gomez to clients as a way of engaging in “commercial sexual activity,” the statement said.

Feminists haven’t noticed this story, for some reason.



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