The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Don’t Ever Take Sides With Anyone Against the Family Again. Ever.’

Honestly, I’m surprised Dana Pico, our source on all things Philadelphia-related, has neglected this stunning story: The father-son duo behind the iconic South Philadelphia cheesesteak spot best known as Tony Luke’s were sentenced to nearly two years in prison Thursday on tax fraud charges — the conclusion of a long-running prosecution and messy family row […]

No More Statues of White Men?

Earlier this month, Pennsylvania was in an uproar after the Biden administration announced it was “planning to permanently remove a statue of William Penn from Philadelphia’s Welcome Park to provide a ‘more inclusive experience for visitors.’” In only a matter of days, however, the administration reversed the decision — Pennsylvania is a swing state, and […]

Death in ‘Killadelphia’

Armed and dangerous — and only 15 years old: Philadelphia police are searching for a 15-year-old suspect who is wanted in connection with a deadly attempted carjacking last week. Michael Salerno, 50, was shot and killed around 10:45 p.m. on July 12 at 12th and Porter streets. Investigators say Salerno was shot when three males, […]

National Media Instantly Sends Philly Mass Shooter Down the Memory Hole

Most “mass shootings” in urban America are actually shootouts between rival gangs, or personal disputes that turn into gunfights in crowded areas where bystanders are among the killed and wounded. And, since we’re clarifying phrases, let’s admit that “urban America” is a polite euphemism for where black people live. We have been taught by the […]

‘Other Unruly Acts’ in Killadelphia

SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) is the public transportation system in Philadelphia and the resemblance of the acronym to septic is merely coincidental, but given the unhealthy conditions on SEPTA trains and buses — reeking of urine, etc. — it is an appropriate coincidence. In addition to the homeless drug addicts who plague the SEPTA […]

‘Comprehensive Gun Safety Measures’

When the only tool you’ve got is a hammer, it is said, every problem looks like a nail. When you’re a Democrat, every problem looks like an opportunity for government regulation: Advocates took a stand against gun violence Friday at the Chester County Courthouse. Cease Fire PA wore orange as they held a rally to […]

Brain-Damaged John Fetterman Gets ‘Democrat Helper’ Served by CBS News

The best way to understand how liberal media bias operates is to think of it as a heavy wind, blowing into the faces of Republicans — at least a 10-point disadvantage from this hostile headwind — while providing Democrats with an equally powerful tailwind. Everything Republicans do is made to seem wrong and scandalous, while […]

Journalists Against Journalism: Reporter in Crime-Ridden Philadelphia Criticized for Reporting About City’s Crime Wave

If you live near Philadelphia, you almost certainly know Steve Keeley, one of the city’s most popular television reporters, who has been at WTXF-TV (Fox 29) for nearly three decades. The man is a local legend, and in recent years has been covering the outrageous epidemic of criminal violence that has plagued Philadelphia since Soros-backed […]

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