The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

A Death in ‘Killadelphia’

Everett Beauregard, 23, was just walking down North 35th Street in Philadelphia when he was shot to death by a stranger: Philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who fatally shot Everett Beauregard, a recent Temple University graduate, on a sidewalk in West Philadelphia at 12:30 a.m. Thursday. The shooting occurred as Beauregard was walking […]

The Myth of ‘Good’ Public Schools

Most people know, although they are reluctant to acknowledge, the meaning of “good schools.” You don’t have to be Ibram X. Kendi to see the systemic racism embedded in that common bit of code-speak. When people are looking to buy a house, they’ll pay a premium for a “good school district,” by which they mean […]

Pro-Criminal Fetterman Puts Convicted Killers on His Senate Campaign Payroll

One of the great liberal myths of our age is the belief that America’s prisons are full of Wrongly Convicted Black Men. Even in cases where the evidence of guilt is overwhelming, liberals view Systemic Racism is an all-purpose excuse, so that even if he’s caught red-handed and confesses his guilt, no black man is […]

The Symbolism of Philadelphia

Joe Biden gave a speech last week in which he gave lip service to things that Democrats don’t actually believe in, e.g., the Constitution and the rule of law, as a pretext to accuse Republicans — all 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump — of being a “threat to our democracy.” Biden spoke […]

‘Cryptic Messages’

The “debate” over gun control is never actually a debate. Democrats keep trying to take our guns away, and we keep saying, “Hell, no!” Enter Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf: Red flag laws allow us to take action when someone who has a gun begins to act erratically. Red flag laws still require due process, and […]

Clown World in ‘Killadelphia’: DA Krasner Blames NRA for South Street Massacre

Three people were killed and 11 wounded when a shootout erupted in Philadelphia’s South Street entertainment district Saturday night: Officers patrolling the South Street area heard gunfire shortly before midnight and observed “several active shooters shooting into the crowd,” [Police Inspector D.F.] Pace said. One officer was “within about 10 to 15 yards” of one […]

Back Where She Belongs

Kathleen Kane is behind bars, after being arrested for a probation violation and returned to Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Norristown, Pennsylvania. A judge ordered her arrest after Kane was charged with drunk driving after a March 12 car crash in Scranton. In case you didn’t know it, Kane was once a “rising star” of […]

Killadelphia Update

Say hello to Rahajahi Taylor Batchelor, 19, who pleaded guilty earlier this month to gun trafficking charges in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Batchelor was only 17 when he was arrested in September 2020 and, despite his youth, prosecutors said he was one of the “masterminds” of a major illegal firearms trafficking operation: A Norristown man who […]

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