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Just a Couple of Car Thieves

Posted on | March 24, 2024 | Comments Off on Just a Couple of Car Thieves

Kensly Alston (left) and Halley Tejada (right)

On Wednesday, March 13, there was an auto accident in Lower Paxton Township, Pennsylvania, involving a black Lexus with New York tags, driven by 16-year-old Kensly Alston. A check showed the vehicle was uninsured, and the police had it towed. Three days later — Saturday, March 16 — as the officer was writing his final report on the accident, he entered the car’s data into the computer and learned it had been reported stolen in New York City on March 14. The officer contacted NYPD and was told that the registered owner of the Lexus had been found dead in an apartment on March 14. Nadia Vitels, 52, had gone to the apartment — where her recently deceased mother had lived — on Tuesday, March 12:

According to authorities in New York, Vitels arrived at the apartment on March 12 to prepare it for a family friend. When she arrived, she found a man and a woman, believed to be Tejada and Alston, staying there without permission.
Authorities say a struggle ensued, and Vitels sustained a fatal injury after being slammed against a wall. She died of blunt force trauma to the head, authorities claim.
The suspects then stuffed her body in a duffel bag, stole her vehicle, and fled to Pennsylvania, authorities in New York believe.
Her body was found [March 14] by her son, who visited the apartment after not hearing from his mother for two days, reports out of New York state. As they were about to leave the apartment, the son opened the closet and discovered the duffel bag, with a foot sticking out.

As soon as police in Lower Paxton Township — more than 150 miles west of New York City — learned the car had been stolen from a murdered woman, they “immediately filed charges against both subjects for receiving stolen property, entered both subjects into NCIC [the National Crime Information Center database] and obtained felony criminal arrest warrants for each of them.” This Friday, U.S. Marshals caught up with Alston and Tejada about 30 miles away in York, Pennsylvania. They were extradited to face the charges in Lower Paxton Township, but have not yet been charged with the murder of Nadia Vitels.

Y’know, one hears from the advocates of “social justice” that it’s wrong to be concerned about mere property crimes like theft, burglary and trespassing. Such crimes are non-violent, we are told. If the people who break into your home and steal your car also decide to kill you? Well, then it’s OK to call the police, but you can’t send people to prison for mere property crimes, say the advocates of “social justice,” because that would result in mass incarceration. So until they kill somebody, criminals must be turned loose, and then one day there’s a car accident in Pennsylvania and the cops have no idea they’re dealing with two murderers, because the victim’s body hasn’t been found yet.

Please, liberals, tell me again why mass incarceration is a bad thing, because I’m not quite sure I understand the logic of your argument.


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