The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

How to Lose a Special Election

What is the first thing you notice about that picture? It shows last week’s televised debate for the special election in New York’s 3rd Congressional District — a seat vacated because fraudulent “Republican” Rep. George Santos was kicked out of Congress. Don’t even get me started on how Santos got elected up there, but let […]

The ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Plot Line and the Wicked Travesty of ‘Justice’ in New York

I watch CNN (so you don’t have to) and they were practically peeing their pants in excitement Friday over the jury’s verdict in the ridiculous defamation suit against Trump. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I was enraged by this, and perhaps for personal reasons, considering my own experience with bogus lawsuits (“Sue Me […]

NYC Maniac Turned Loose So He Could Stab Two Girls in Grand Central Station

Gosh, if only there were some simple phrase to briefly summarize the public safety threat posed by the mentally ill: The unhinged vagrant accused of randomly stabbing two teen tourists at Grand Central Station was a stalker who suffered from paranoid delusions and was in dire need of psychiatric help, his ex-girlfriend told The Post […]

‘Huddled Masses’ Update: Why Is This ‘Crisis’ Costing New York Billions?

Our moral and intellectual superiors: New York City’s surging migrant population is set to double by June 2024 — meaning the city will be on the hook for 100,000 homeless immigrants — as costs are estimated to rise to a mind-boggling high of $12 billion over the next three years. “We are past our breaking […]

Chaos in NYPD as Commissioner Resigns

Three kids “horsing around” with a basketball in Brooklyn somehow set in motion a chain of events that has led to the resignation of New York City’s first female police commissioner. One of the first moves Mayor Eric Adams made when he took office in January 2022 was to appoint Keechant Sewell as the new […]

No Heroes for You, Whitey: Albany, N.Y., Has ‘Cancelled’ Gen. Philip Schuyler

Decades have now passed since left-wing activists started a ruckus about the Confederate flag that had long flown over the South Carolina statehouse. It occurred to me at the time that, if the flag couldn’t be flown there — where the South Carolina convention had voted to secede from the Union, thus precipitating the war […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous: Can You Guess Where ‘Defund the Police’ Leads?

Ever since Fox News fired Tucker Carlson, the TV in my home office has been tuned to CNN — I watch, so you don’t have to — and they’ve been giving hourly attention to the death of Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old homeless man who died after he went berserk in a New York City subway […]

NY Prosecutor: ‘We Know Incarceration Doesn’t Really Solve Any Problems’

From the DA’s office that is prosecuting Donald Trump: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s chief prosecutor, Meg Reiss, bragged about letting violent criminals and felons off the hook – including a murderer – using her restorative justice approach to help them avoid incarceration, Fox News Digital found. “We know incarceration doesn’t really solve any problems,” […]

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