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‘Get Trump’ Show Trial Continues

Posted on | May 20, 2024 | 4 Comments

CNN takes this mockery of justice very seriously:

The biggest questions as Donald Trump’s first criminal trial resumes Monday are whether his attorneys have destroyed the credibility of star witness Michael Cohen — and how much of the damage prosecutors can fix.
The presumptive GOP presidential nominee is due back in court amid clear signs the hush money trial is drawing toward a close — unless he takes the risky decision to testify in his own defense, a step that would lengthen and complicate the proceedings.
Defense lawyers say they expect to complete their bruising cross-examination of Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and enforcer, on Monday morning. Prosecutors will then use their second chance to question Cohen to try to patch up any doubts the ex-president’s team may have sown in the minds of jurors about his version of events.

Here’s some important news: It doesn’t matter.

The prosecution has not explained how anything alleged against Trump is actually a crime, and if Judge Merchan had any integrity (which he doesn’t), as soon as the prosecution rests, he would issue a directed verdict of acquittal, but he won’t do that, because this is not actually a trial. The evidence and testimony don’t matter, because the outcome was predetermined before the “trial” ever started. This is a political operation organized by the Democratic Party to punish Trump and, if possible, to prevent him from being elected president again.

Understand that 86% of voters in Manhattan voted for Joe Biden in 2020. There are no honest people on that jury. They know full well why they are there, and what is expected of them. This “trial” has nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with revenge — Trump beat Hillary in 2016, and Democrats cannot forgive him for that.

Do not be distracted by this chatter from the media about the “question” of whether Michael Cohen’s credibility has been damaged. It doesn’t matter. This jury will vote to convict, no matter what.


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