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I’d Call This a Kangaroo Court, But That Would Be an Insult to Honest Kangaroos

Posted on | May 21, 2024 | Comments Off on I’d Call This a Kangaroo Court, But That Would Be an Insult to Honest Kangaroos

Ed Morrisey points out that Alan Dershowitz has literally been practicing law since before Judge Juan Merchan was born. This lends greater gravity to what Dershowitz said on Hannity last night after spending Monday in Merchan’s courtroom for the Trump trial: “This judge has committed more reversible errors in the one day I was in the courtroom than I’ve seen in years and years of practicing law.”

Dershowitz added: “Any first-year evidence student would understand that [Merchan] was making biased rulings in favor of one side.” Let me remind you of what I said Monday morning before this latest outrage:

Understand that 86% of voters in Manhattan voted for Joe Biden in 2020. There are no honest people on that jury. They know full well why they are there, and what is expected of them. This “trial” has nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with revenge — Trump beat Hillary in 2016, and Democrats cannot forgive him for that. . . .
This jury will vote to convict, no matter what.

The verdict will be guilty and, as Dershowitz suggests, this conviction will be thrown out on appeal, because of the judge’s blatant bias. But it will take many months, perhaps more than a year, for Trump’s appeal to work its way through the federal docket, and in the meantime, Judge Merchan and his co-conspirators on this all-Democrat jury will have delivered what their party wanted, i.e., the propaganda victory of being able to call Donald Trump a “convicted felon.” That is all this case was ever about — a political scheme for the benefit of the Democratic Party in general, and Joe Biden’s reelection campaign in particular.

All anyone can do to rectify this gross miscarriage of justice is (a) vote for Trump, (b) pray to God and (c) await our vengeance. Selah.


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