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The Leticia James Fraud

Posted on | March 25, 2024 | Comments Off on The Leticia James Fraud

How shall I phrase this? To hell with New York.

To hell with Leticia James and every one of the 3,739,239 New Yorkers who voted to elect her as their state’s attorney general in 2018.

These are bad people, and New York is a bad state. If it is your misfortune to reside in New York — well, why? Aren’t you ashamed? Have you no concern for your own safety and reputation? Why would you want to be associated with such a miserable place, governed by such wicked people?

In February, Joel Pollak summarized this travesty of “justice”:

New York Attorney General Letitia James welcomed Judge Arthur Engoron’s staggering $354 million fine against Donald Trump on Friday by declaring at a news conference: “Everyone must play by the same rules.”
But a review of 70 years of legal history by the Associated Press showed no precedent whatsoever for suing an entrepreneur or business for allegedly inflating real estate values when there was no victim that suffered any damage.
Indeed, the record suggests that James held Trump to different rules.
To recap:
Letitia James ran for Attorney General in 2018 calling Trump an “illegitimate” president and vowing to use the law to pursue him. She then sued Trump and his three grown children for civil fraud, right before the midterm elections, which were hotly contested in New York. She alleged that Trump had exaggerated his personal wealth and the value of his real estate holdings when applying for loans from banks. In so doing, she claimed, Trump violated a New York fraud statute that did not require intent, or harm.
There were no victims: the banks did their own due diligence before lending to Trump, who paid all of the loans back, on time. There was no evidence that Trump intended to mislead anyone; loan applicants frequently overestimate their assets’ values.
Nevertheless, Engoron — a registered Democrat — issued a summary judgment finding Trump liable for fraud before Trump had any opportunity to present any evidence in his own defense. The trial then proceeded to a determination of the penalty owed.
James not only wanted to slap Trump with hundreds of millions of dollars in fines; she also wanted to ban him from doing any business in the state in future, and wanted to take away control of his existing businesses and place them in receivership custody.
The Associated Press reported in January that there was no precedent for New York law being used — or abused — in this way . . .

Keep in mind, New Yorkers voted to reelect James in 2022 after she brought this unprecedented action against Trump. The people of New York own this; they have endorsed and ratified it, and they are responsible for the as-yet-unforeseen consequences.

What might those consequences be? Today is the day that Trump must either post a bond of nearly half a billion dollars to pursue an appeal, or let Leticia James seize his assets in New York to satisfy the unprecedented fine imposed by Judge Engoron. It has been suggested that letting James seize Trump Tower might better suit Trump’s purposes, since this action — so obviously the result of a partisan vendetta by Democrats — would enrage and motivate Trump’s supporters. One could easily imagine the attack ads featuring the faces of Leticia James, Alvin Bragg and Fani Willis, asking voters: “Do you think you’re safe from these people?” Trump could win by a landslide.

The thing about fools is, they never heed warnings, so there’s no point trying to warn Democrats that their persecution of Trump could yield very bad consequences for them. Let them find out on their own.


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