The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Let’s Not Go Lefty Over Technology

by Smitty Twitter is cool. You should follow me. Also, you should follow Ladd Ehlinger, a cat most cool, who shared a tidbit about Twitter: Multiple conservative Twitter accounts are complaining that they are spontaneously “unfollowing” other conservative Twitter accounts. I’ve had it happen to me, where my account has “unfollowed” people without my consent […]

#AttackWatch! Hey, @AttackWatch: This ‘Downfall’ Video Looks Like #tcot Hate

Both inevitable and obligatory: The laughable failure of is a result of the internal logic of the Left: When you believe your politics is an expression of your own moral and intellectual superiority, it logically follows that your opposition is both evil and stupid. While the assumption of right-wing evil is perhaps still unrefuted, we have […]

‘Subversion, Inc.’: Book-Partying in D.C. With Author Matthew Vadum Tonight

The notorious “Beltway cocktail party circuit” is a political cliché, suggestive of effete insiders conspiring over martinis in some sort of Machiavellian power-status cabal. There is some truth to that cliché. Washington, D.C., is very much a town where who you know is more important than what you know, and the most important thing is […]

OK, Here’s an Article You Must Read

Matthew Continetti of The Weekly Standard explains (a) who the Koch brothers actually are, and (b) why the Left is going so batshit crazy about the Koch brothers. Go read the whole thing. Now. It’s long, so it may help if you print it out, which is what I did. Now go read the thing, like I said.

Herman Cain Attends Koch Brothers Meeting, Causes Left-Wing Freak-Out

Lee Fang at Think Progress sees a conspiracy afoot: This weekend, David and Charles Koch, co-owners of the Koch Industries conglomerate of chemical, timber, oil and manufacturing interests, are hosting their twice annual meeting to coordinate strategy and raise funds for the conservative movement. . . . Among those in attendance at the meeting in […]

Virginia Tea Party, Herman Cain Video

by Smitty As is the case with a legitimate grass-roots movement, you miss a lot of fantastic material. For example, this Herman Cain video about the Tea Parties: This was shown to the crowd here to great applause. Go, Herman!

Say Hello to!

A right-wing On Wednesday, September 1, 2010, a key organizer in the 2009 Tax Day Tea Party and “Don’t Go” movement pioneer Eric Odom will join a national coalition of conservative movement activists in launching, a right-of-center news and national activism website with the intention of eclipsing the left’s “For years, […]

The Future of Conservatism

I’m at the Young America’s Foundation National Conservative Student Conference, where YAF vice president Patrick X. Coyle explains everything: Will have further updates, but you can follow the conference on Twitter at #NCSC10, and there is also a live Webcast. UPDATE: Now a few photos from the conference: A young conservative activist takes notes on a lecture […]

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