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Ryan: ‘Extraordinary and Unprecendented’ Cramdown on ObamaCare 2.0; UPDATE: Rubber Stamp; UPDATE: Pelosi’s Lips Are Moving

Posted on | March 15, 2010 | 23 Comments

7 p.m. ET: OK, last update of the night and then — I promise — we’ll go back to blogging about Kate Winslett’s cleavage or Rielle Hunter or something more interesting than the Zombie Health Care Cramdown That Won’t Die. Video of Paul Ryan via Hot Air:

The good news: They still don’t have the votes. The bad news: Obama doesn’t care:

If Obama refuses to look at public opinion polls, then how can he profess to know what the American people want? And if he doesn’t care about polls, then how come the White House is circulating polls on Capitol Hill asserting that support for health care legislation is rising?

UPDATE 6:26 p.m. ET: Nancy Pelosi reminds the national press corps that she thinks Americans are a bunch of idiots:

House speaker Nancy Pelosi held a news conference with children’s advocates at the Capitol on Monday to push for the Democrats’ sweeping health care legislation. . . .
In a brief question-and-answer session, a reporter asked Ms. Pelosi about assertions by Representative David Dreier of California, the senior Republican on the House rules committee, that Democrats were engaging in legislative gymnastics to complete the legislation.
“It’s about accountability of the insurance companies; it’s about affordability for the middle class,” Ms. Pelosi said. “It’s not about gymnastics alone — except if that’s part of the wellness program that we have for our children.”

Translation: “We’re going to ignore any criticism you might have. It’s about what I say it’s about, you stupid morons.”

UPDATE 5:57 p.m. ET: Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-NC) will vote NO. (Hat-tip: Virginia Right.) More cramdown blogging:

5:36 p.m. ET: I was just on the phone with Chris Cassone, and felt the need to explain that there are a zillion other things I’d rather be doing than blogging about the legislative progress of this damned health-care bill. (Ann Coulter in Vegas! ) But the Democrats are completely out of control, and I feel the obligation to pay attention — which is annoying, because there is nothing more boring than a Rules Committee mark-up hearing.

You know what this health-care cramdown is like? It’s like being trapped in the passenger seat of a Toyota doing 110 mph, driven by a dimwitted geezer who can’t find the brake pedal.

No wonder Democrats in swing states are running the other way.

UPDATE 4:52 p.m. ET: Philip Klein of the American Spectator:

As expected, the House Budget Committee just rubber stamped the “shell” health care bill with a 21 to 16 vote, sending it to the Rules committee, where all of the language will be stripped out and replaced with whatever deals Democrats have been negotiating behind closed doors. . . .
Two Democrats — Reps. Allen Boyd and Chet Edwards — voted against the bill and would have to be considered firm nos at this point.

That’s good news.

PREVIOUSLY: Rep. Paul Ryan on the Pelosi kabuki-dance: “This is an extraordinary and unprecendented abuse of the reconciliation process.”

Via Michelle Malkin who’s live-blogging the “Wreckonciliation.”

I was just on the radio for an hour with Ladd Ehlinger — his show is on WTKI 1450 AM in Huntsville, Ala. — talking about The 2,309-Page Scam That Will Live in Infamy.