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Flailing Might Just Recover Additional Oil

Posted on | June 19, 2010 | 6 Comments

by Smitty

This week’s FMJRA salutes The One, who seems to do everything except that which would help the situation. It doesn’t really matter whether the motives are simple incompetence or something more diabolical. The recovery will be political chemotherapy for us all.

Pamela Geller For SECDEF?

[Image of a fistful of flogged Flags flapping.]
Terrorist Jihad vs. the Tip Jar

Pamela Geller Triumphs!

World (Kick In The) Cup

World Cup Overkill: Associated Press Writes 1,068 Words About 1-1 Tie

Soccer May Be Gay, But At Least It’s Not Canadian

U.S. Robbed of Winning Goal in World Cup Soccer Game vs. Slovenia

Alabama Radio Hosts Rick and Bubba Offend Soccer Fans Homosexuals

    South Carolina

    Nikki Haley Leads Big

      Where Is Your Gallows Humor? Alvin Greene For President In 2012!

        The Triumph of Alvin Greene

        Will Folks: Nikki Haley for Governor! (Because, Hey, I Tapped That Stuff)

        The Rest Of The Story

        Of Tea Parties and Leaders

        Help! My Daughter’s Getting Married!

        Ace of Spades Smacks Charles Johnson in a Post Every New* Blogger Should Read

        Liberal Decides It’s OK to Hint Politicians May Be Hiding Their ‘True’ Religion

        iOwnTheWorld Even Steven Contest Results

        Rep. Bob Etheridge: ‘Who Are You?’

        Hope and Change (and Hateful Stereotypes) Liberals Can Believe In

        All-Points Bulletin: Maryland State Police Seeking Incompetent Fugitive Smuggler

        Naked Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo

        Who and Why?

        How Freedom Died

        Curb Your Vice President

        Olby, Matthews, Fineman Notice That Obama’s Rhetoric Is Kind of Nebulous

        Tomorrow’s Headlines Today

        ABC Pulls Ads From Perez Hilton Following Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo

        VIDEO: Mike Barnicle Criticizes Obama, Gets ‘Castrated’ by Mika Brzezinski

        New Alabama Ad: Who Is Dale Peterson Endorsing in the July 13 Runoff?

        Dana Loesch in Playboy?

        IG-Gate Update: Federal Judge Stalling Gerald Walpin’s AmeriCorps Case

        They Deserve Each Other: Olbermann and Daily Kos Break Up to Make Up?

        Tugging on Superman’s Cape

        Gold Price Hits Record High

        Stupidest Statement Of The Year?

        Newsweek Intern Attempts to Describe Hayek’s Road to Serfdom: Massive FAIL

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        There is your FMJRA. Now, on to my next trick, a Double Rule 5 Sunday post. Cheers!


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          I can feel the linky love all over me!