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Ten Buck Fridays

Posted on | June 20, 2010 | 38 Comments

by Smitty (via Mind Numbed Robot)

In the end, the votes cast for the election are what matter. However, time, effort, and money have an impact. The money is important, particularly early. So the Ten Buck Fridays is a wonderful way to express political will in a fashion that shall no doubt bring tears of frustration to the eyes of an elitist near you.

From the FaceBook page:

Ten Buck Fridays is how Joe the Plumber and Mary the Secretary can fundamentally change the course of our nation, one week at a time from now until Election Day, November 2, 2010.

Most of us get paid on Fridays… can you commit to supporting a conservative candidate or cause by donating $10 a week (or twice a month, or even once a month) between now and November? You may think it’s not enough to make a difference. But if lots of people are doing it and are focusing on conservative candidates you can respect, or even conservative groups that are bringing about positive change, why not jump on the Ten Buck Friday bandwagon! Share who you think is worthy of support! If you’re a candidate, tell us why you are deserving of support.

This is the year that conservatives need to step up to the table and vote with their wallets. We can’t win without cash – we all need to have a stake in this election.

An I-tunes CD… 2 large Frappacinos… 2 value meals… these are things you might consider giving up this week in order to support a worthy candidate. Just do it!

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To paraphrase Dodgeball, this is a great way to separate the children from the adults. . .the wheat from the chaff. . .the vaguely RINO from the slightly Progressive.