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Don’t Tell Tabitha Hale . . .

Posted on | September 10, 2010 | 23 Comments

. . . but despite her efforts to exclude me from Blog Con, I managed to find a way down here with Chris Renner. Here are a few photos of Thursday evening’s reception:

Important blogger Stephen Kruiser and Amy Miller of Red State.

All the BlogCon ladies love Steve Eggleston of No Runny Eggs. BTW, the blonde on the left is Oregon’s Kristina Ribaldi.

Mary Katharine Ham with Stephen Green, who insists that he’s still Vodkapundit, mainly because BudLightPundit “just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.”

Lisa De Pasquale was heard to explain to Cynthia Yockey: “No, trust me — Joe Logue is available.”

Da Tech Guy to North Carolina congressional candidate Renee Ellmers: “So, this testa dura, this Etheridge fellow, he disrespects you?”

I’m not sure Michael Chamberlain is actually a blogger. He may have just been hanging around trying to meet Amy Miller.

The following “man on the street” video interview is rated NSFW:

Hey, when Dan Riehl says to hit the tip jar . . .


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  • Pat

    I am not too fond of Dan… But that was seriously funny stuff.

  • Pat

    D’oh! 😯

    Was some…ect…ect…

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  • Brian E

    Seems to me that perhaps Stephen Green could also be called the SamualAdamsPundit, if you name him by his libation of the moment. NTTATWWT.

  • steveegg

    DatechGuy was definitely right – chicks dig the fedora.

  • Joe

    You guys should do Spring Break together next year.

  • Trog

    We need more assholes around here.

  • Steven Foley

    That would be “SamuelAdamsPundit” No?

  • Duane Lester @ All American Blogger

    You try to throw me under the bus on Tabitha’s fries, but don’t have room for a picture?

    You cut me deep, brother. You cut me deep.

  • R Green

    What a field day for the 3 musketeers on the con blogmosphere. RSM asked the man on the street, Frankenstein personified to hit the tip jar for the road killed (Will hit the tip jar EOM); Ace of Spades to eat the crow and jump the shark, and not so apropos, the fedora charm, the right girl most certainly can give Meghan Mccain a good competition on the facebook.

  • Michael Chamberlain

    Thanks, Stacy! I guess just because I blog that doesn’t necessarily make me a blogger. And who wouldn’t want to meet Amy Miller.