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Alan Grayson Is Not Scum

Posted on | September 28, 2010 | 19 Comments

Allan Grayson is the disease-causing bacteria which infect the parasitical worms found in putrid diarrhetic feces oozing from the rectums of scavengers that prey upon maggots which grow in the decaying carcasses of poisonous vipers that die after eating insects which consume tainted scum.

(This has been a public service announcement from Floridians Against the Defamation of Scum.)


UPDATE: Michael Moynihan asks, “Is Alan Grayson the most loathsome member of Congress?” Is that even a question?

Investigating how this anti-social creep got to Congress, I discovered that a Republican who had pledged to serve only four terms in office broke that promise and ran again in 2008, barely won the GOP primary, and subsequently lost to Grayson.

Which is to say that, like Charlie Crist, we can blame Grayson on the Republican Party of Florida. Also, this is the 8th District, which includes Disney World, where some people earn a living being Goofy.