The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Florida: The Pervert State

  In 2015, a Florida prosecutor told the Miami Herald: “We encourage the criminals to post their photos and videos online. After all these years, they’re still kind enough to do it.” One of the cases to which the prosecutor was referring: The yearning to show off, prosecutors say, snagged Bryan Yanes and two other […]

Gunmen in Florida Hijacking/Shootout Were Cousins and Career Criminals

  Thursday afternoon, a rush-hour traffic jam in Broward County, Florida, brought an end to a high-speed pursuit of two gunmen who had attempted to rob a jewelry store in Coral Gables and then hijacked a UPS truck in an incredibly stupid escape attempt. In a shootout with police in Miramar, both criminals were killed, […]

FBI Probes Belgian Terrorist Threat

  As I’ve previously explained, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs first alerted America to the danger of Belgian extremists, and whenever The Flemish Menace™ makes another terrorist attack, it’s important to give Charles credit. Consider the latest news from Pensacola: The F.B.I. was investigating but did not confirm a report that the Saudi trainee […]

His Name Was Mohammed Alshamrani

  If I had to guess, I’d say he’s probably from Belgium: Four people are dead including the suspect after an active shooting incident at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida, police said. The shooter was identified as Mohammed Alshamrani, a Saudi national [oops, I guessed wrong — RSM] and member of the country’s air […]

The Total Florida Woman Story

Tory Ojedas and her four polyamorous partners. Whenever you’re in search of weird news, Florida is always there: A polyamorous woman has fallen pregnant by one of her four partners after they went away together — but says they will raise the baby as a ‘family’. Tory Ojeda, 20, from Jacksonville, Florida, met one of […]

Four Dead After Florida Jewelry-Store Robbery Leads to High-Speed Pursuit

Just another typical day in Florida: Four people were killed in South Florida after two armed jewelry thieves hijacked a UPS truck along with its driver and led cops on a high-speed pursuit that ended when the vehicle got stuck in traffic Thursday afternoon. The chase began in Coral Gables and ended 25 miles away […]

Florida Man Raped 15-Year-Old Girl, Posted Videos to Internet, Police Say

  He also paid for her abortion: When a 15-year-old girl’s mother found out sexually explicit photos of her daughter were online, it had been nearly a year since her family had seen her. Police investigated and discovered nearly 60 pornographic videos of the Sunrise girl posted on Periscope, Pornhub, Modelhub, Snapchat and other websites, […]

Florida Man Planned Stabbing Attack at Elementary School, Police Say

  Before we get into this latest “Florida man” story, let me ask you a trivia question: Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? If you knew it was Francis Bellamy, congratulations! You’re a winner, and I’ll permit you to contribute $17.76 to the tip jar. You’re welcome. What? Never mind. Very few people would recognize […]

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