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WRKO ‘Debate’: Barney Frank Interrupts Himself to Complain About Interruptions

Posted on | October 11, 2010 | 14 Comments

BOSTON — Today’s WRKO radio debate between Barney Frank and Sean Bielat was mainly a lecture by Barney which could be summed up briefly: “You’re interrupting me! . . . Blame Bush! . . . You’re distorting what I said! . . . Predatory lending! . . . Stop laughing at me!”

It was blindingly obvious that the 4th District’s Democratic incumbent is not accustomed to defending himself or his record. Barney repeatedly filibustered, responding to simple questions with meandering stream-of-thought rambles that might have continued ad infinitum if no one had stopped him.

Because the host/moderator showed no inclination to try to keep Barney on track, Bielat would occasionally try to interject, prompting hissy-fit reactions from the 14-term congressman: “That’s the fourth time he’s interrupted me!” Barney even complained of being interrupted when one of his statements provoked a chuckle from his Republican challenger.

On his biggest vulnerability — his role in the mortgage mess with Fannie and Freddie — Barney repeatedly tried to change the subject to “predatory lending.” Of course, in the kind of no-down-payment no-documentation we-accept-Food-Stamps low-income mortgages that Barney encouraged and defended, it was more like predatory borrowing, but Massachusetts Democrats never let facts interfere with their arguments. Red Mass Group reacted to one of Frank’s fact-deficient defenses:

Barney blames Tom DeLay for his vote against a Republican bill that would have curbed the excesses of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Not convincing.

It was a frustrating hour, and I’m sure there were a half-dozen car accidents in metro Boston caused by rush-hour motorists driving into bridge abutments while shouting at their car radios: “You lying scumbag!”

Anyway, the “Bye-Bye Barney” Bielat money-bomb continues, and the Boston Globe has a great story today on how fired-up the Republican grassroots are in Massachusetts.


14 Responses to “WRKO ‘Debate’: Barney Frank Interrupts Himself to Complain About Interruptions”

  1. OldGrizzlyMama
    October 11th, 2010 @ 4:32 pm

    I just donated 10 bucks to Sean. I live in PA. YOU GO, BOY! Get that nasty Barney Frank OUT!!!