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Featuring McCain’s Jaunt ‘Round America

Posted on | October 30, 2010 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

FMJRA salutes Stacy McCain, out tracking down the news the less gonzo journalists simply cannot.
Props to Fishersville Mike for two years longevity.
Now I’m off to the big GOTV event for Patrick Murray!

Keep the Momentum for Tuesday

BUMPED: New Dennis Campaign Clip, Plus, Next House Located For Nancy

Poll: Sean Bielat 63%, Barney Frank 31%

Go, Rocket Girl, Go! New TV Ad for Republican Ruth McClung in Arizona

Have We Had A Bellyfull Of Voter Fraud Yet?

Beware of Polls!

NBC4: Subtle Anti-Murray, Pro-Moran Slant

Do the Kentucky Head-Stomp!

Man in Kentucky Head-Stomping Incident Identified as Paul Supporter Mike Pezzano UPDATE: Activist Was Charged in Greenpeace Vandalism UPDATE: Rand Paul Describes ‘Crowd Control Problem’ at Event (Video)

UPDATE: New Rand Paul Statement Condemns Kentucky Head-Stomping UPDATE: Stomper Tim Profitt Identified, Apologizes, Banned by Paul Campaign

Why Vote Republican?

Good-Bye, California

Six Days Left in Stomping Season

He’s Allen West

Key Campaign Endorsements

VIDEO: Front Page, Featuring Steven Malanga, Required Viewing For All, Esp. Those Who Can Vote Against Jim Moran

‘Stomping Deniers’?

Democrat Party Attack Ads In Virginia

VA8: Col. Patrick Murray On Fox

Murkowski Note: Working The Referees Has Side Effects, In This Case, 125 Candidates For Senator

Greetings from Bristol, Va.

The Rest of the Story

On the Seavey-Rittelmeyer Affair

Alyssa Milano in Lingerie
UPDATE: ‘#GoKings’ Raises $29,374 for Children’s Hospital in NHL Hashtag Battle

Double Shot O’ T-Paw

Keynesian Economy: Some Assembly Required

Obama Cut Your Taxes, and Other Lies Frank Rich Wants You to Believe In

Oh, The Preciousss, Preciousss Narrative!

How Illinois Democrat Official Sue Walton Puts Down (Married Father of Four) Andrew Breitbart: ‘I Think He’s Gay’

TARP Watchdog Report: Administration ‘Manipulated’ Data to Hide AIG Losses

The Left’s Pre-Emptive Excuse-Making

New Meme: Gimme A Breather

Belvedere Ups The Ante On The Axis Of Fedora

Rick Moran: Inadvertent Adrenaline Dispenser

LIVE AT FIVE – 10.27.10

Diverging From Allahpundit On The Military Record Question

Interesting, But No, VodkaPundit

Whatever Was at the Bottom of the Barrel, Chris Matthews Just Scraped It Off

The Evidently Obligatory ‘How Many House Seats Will the GOP Win?’ Post

Canadian Conservative Blog Seeks Support Against Jew-Hater’s Nuisance Lawsuit

LIVE AT FIVE – 10.29.10

234 Years Later, Obama Hardly Resembling Washington

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