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Please Permit Me to Remind You . . .

Posted on | November 19, 2010 | 19 Comments

. . . that this is Stephen Kruiser’s new sidekick, Kinsey Schofield:

When Miss Schofield made her PJTV debut, I took the occasion to suggest that her function was as “eye candy” — NTTAWWT — and was roundly excoriated for so doing. Oh, I was some horrible sexist, I was accused of being jealous, I was even called a “stalker.”

So today, while I was busy updating the news about Renee Ellmers’ victory in North Carolina, I went over to Hot Air to see if they were blogging about the big win. No, but they did have this:

NTTAWWT. But nobody’s denouncing Matt Lewis, are they?

No, they’re not. Because people like Matt Lewis. He’s popular — like Stephen Kruiser. And everybody hates me.

UPDATED: At least the Memeorandum algorithm doesn’t hate me. So I’ve got that. But I’ve never been invited to be a panelist at any gathering of conservative bloggers. I used to blame Erik Telford, until I found out Tabitha Hale hated me.


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